WR2-18: Rivers Four

Rivers Four Guide

Recommended CO: Everyone

Opponents: Sonja and Lash

Speed requirement: 20 Days

Points: 300pt S-Rank


Note: While this strategy is mine, the tactic of taking Lash’s HQ with just one infantry came from somebody else in the War Room High Scores topic… I forget who offhand, though.

First day, two infantry and an APC – APC from northernmost base, one infantry from southernmost. Second day, move southern infantry towards the river – it’s going to go for the bases. Use the APC to get the other infantry in range of the neutral base in Sonja’s territory. Build the same units as on Day 1. Day 3, move the one infantry across the river, start capturing the neutral base in Sonja’s territory, and start capturing the city just south of HQ. Load the remaining infantry into the second APC, and start moving towards the center of the map. Build a tank from your northernmost base.

From here, what you want to do is move the Day 2 APC north of the neutral base in the center, and drop the infantry on the river. The infantry then proceeds to take Lash’s HQ by itself. Obviously, this means that she needs to move pretty much all her units away from there. (You can squeak by if there’s an artillery and it’s not on the HQ, but anything else is just trouble.) This is the main reason for capturing the bases across from your HQ… not to build units, but because it may distract her. (The income doesn’t hurt, either.) Also, sometimes Lash moves a recon onto her HQ early, then moves it off the next day. So don’t immediately reset if the recon moves onto the HQ.

Also, you should probably avoid destroying Lash’s units – otherwise you run the risk of her building cheaper units around HQ, rather than rockets and Mid Tanks from the base a little further away from there. And, of course, you’ll want them not moving towards the HQ. Still, you can pull this off more often than you might expect. Once Lash is gone, Sonja is no problem… just be sure to keep track of how many units you need to destroy for the power score. You also probably won’t lose more than four or five units, so technique should be easy.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.