Cost – 28000
B (Battle) ships have a larger attack range than even rocket units.
5 This is a naval unit. This is its movement range across open water and reefs.
5 This is the unit’s vision range.
99/99 This is the current fuel amount. It’s used at 1 unit per turn. Units sink when out of fuel.

Weapon 1 – Cannon – 9/9 Weapon 2
2 ~ 6
The primary weapon of B ships units are cannons. They can fire on the units below.
General Information and Strategy

Ah, Battleships. The last unit in Advance Wars, and not surprisingly, the most expensive one. The Battleship costs an absolutely whopping 28,000, more than Bombers, MD. Tanks and what not. Is it worth the arm and the leg you’re paying for it? Well, sometimes.First off, Battleships have an absolutely monster range, and huge firepower to boot. Somewhat, perhaps, like Bombers, they deal heavy damage to all Ground and Sea units, and if you consider they can hide in Reefs and kill everything in a radius of 6 spaces, they might actually be a better choice than a bomber. A range of 2-6 may not be as good at 7 movement un-hindered by terrain, but the Battleships enjoys more protection than the Bomber.

And to add to this point, Battleships have the best armor in the whole game. Even Bombers, which kill pretty much anything in their range, can’t kill a Battleship in a single hit; They’re what some call floating fortresses. Rockets and Artillery deal heavy damage, but their range makes them helpless against the Battleship! The only certain way to defeat this monster is with Subs (preferably dived), which deal a quite decent 55% damage. But of course, Subs can be countered by Cruisers, and when they’re not diving, Battleships kill them in a single hit!

Your only concern when playing a Battleship is it dying before it can kill enough. Protect it, and it should be one of the most dangerous units in the whole game; It’s a great unit to support rather than being it’s own attack force, although you can always just park it somewhere and start shooting ’til it sinks.