Cost – 20000
Submerged subs are difficult to find, and only cruisers and subs can fire on them.
5 This is a naval unit. This is its movement range across open water and reefs.
5 This is the unit’s vision range.
60/60 Subs use one to five units of fuel per turn. They sink when their fuel supply runs out.

Weapon 1 – Torps – 6/6 Weapon 2
This is the primary weapon. It can fireon the units below.

General Information and Strategy

Wee! The Submarine! Well, the Submarine has a nifty ninja hiding function. It can dive underwater and disappear just like any other unit would in a forest or in a reef. Except other units can only do it in Fog of War. The Submarine can do it at all times.

The fact is that when it’s dived, the Sub can only be attacked by Cruisers and other Subs. So it’s very useful, the only downside being that the Sub then burns as much fuel as a plane would. And Subs don’t have as big a fuel tank… And have a much harder time to get near an APC for supplies.

The Sub is nevertheless a fantastic unit to steathily destroy enemy Landers when they least expect it, or to seriously cripple enemy Battleships, arguably the strongest indirect unit in the game. It is also quite fantastic to ambush your opponents, or protect a unit and most definitely creates a huge surprise in Fog of War. Add this to a whoppin’ 5 tiles of vision, and you’ve got a winner.

They only have one problem and that’s cruisers. Yes, Cruisers have the ability to sink Subs lower than they usually can, much to their owner’s dislike… And Subs deal little to no damage back to them, and Cruisers can actually fire on diving Subs. So don’t pitch this ninja to face a Cruiser; rather, run to safety.