Cost – 18000
Cruisers are strong against subs and air units, and they can carry two copter units.
6 This is a naval unit. This is its movement range across open water and reefs.
3 This is the unit’s vision range.
99/99 This is the current fuel amount. It’s used at 1 unit per turn. Units sink when out of fuel.

Weapon 1 – Missiles – 9/9 Weapon 2 – A-Air Gun
1 1
This is the primary weapon. It can fire on the units below.
Cruisers use anti-air machine guns as their secondary weapon.
General Information and Strategy

The Cruiser can be rightfully called the most versatile naval unit, and at the same time, the most situational one. They make mincemeat out of Subs, no matter whether they’re diving or not. And it’s the only naval unit capable of firing on Air units, and it’s somewhat decent at that. So the Cruiser is definitely useful…

But that’s about it, sadly. Besides killing Subs and the somewhat decent Anti-Aerial weapon, Cruisers are out of offensive capabilities. So if your opponent has no Subs or Air units, you have just spent 18,000 on a nearly useless unit. Well, in Naval combat, chances are your opponent will have Subs, so some use can be given to the Cruiser… However, in Air-heavy battles, the Cruiser is just too expensive to be any good. And fragile too, the Cruiser is not only outranged and outpowered by the Bomber, but it also loses against two Copters (which cost exactly the same).

They still have a very nifty function, they can store up to two Copter units (just like an APC or T-Copter). This can come in handy when you’ve got those Fighter-heavy maps; Fighters are helpless against Cruisers of course, and Cruisers can save your copters from certain doom. It’s still a rather expensive transport (for the price it takes, you could get your two copters re-built), but it might save your ass once in a while.

The Cruiser is a rather situational unit, but it’s the only reliable way to take care of Subs and leave your B-ships safe. Their A-Air gun is not as reliable as Anti-Airs or Missiles, but it can come in handy. Deploy when you see fit.