WR2-17: Stamp Islands

Stamp Islands Guide

Recommended CO: Sami

Opponents: Eagle and Drake

Speed requirement: 15 Days

Points: 300 (S-Rank)

Days: 9

General Overview:I thought this would be possible, and I was right. The strategy involves building 2 t-copters and 2 infs on day 1, then sending one to Drake’s HQ, and the other to Eagle’s HQ, to capture one of the bases there. For some reason, capturing one of Eagle’s bases makes him move his APC off his HQ, allowing you to bring in another loaded t-copter for the capture, with a bomber as support, and b-copter spam to get the power score.

Like all speed based strategies, this strategy will require a measure of luck. That said, here it is:

Sami Day 1: Build 2 T-copter/Infantry pairs.
Eagle Day 1:
Drake Day 1:
Sami Day 2: Load an Infantry into both T-copters, and move them both all the way E. Build nothing.
Eagle Day 2:
Drake Day 2:
Sami Day 3: Move the northernmost T-copter 6E, 1S.
Move the southernmost T-copter all the way S.
Build a Bomber from your S airport.
Build a T-copter from your N airport.
Eagle Day 3: Eagle must not build his B-copter hear his HQ.
Drake Day 3:
Sami Day 4: Move the easternmost T-copter all the way E, and drop S onto the shoal.
Move the southernmost T-copter all the way S.
Move the Bomber all the way E.
Move the remaining T-copter 3E, 1S.
Build a B-copter from your S airport.
Build a Mech from one of your easternmost bases.
Eagle Day 4: The rest of this guide assumes that Eagle moves his B-copter 4N. It is possible to do it if the copter moves east, but you may have some trouble with the power score. At this point, the guide splits into two, depending on where Eagle moves his artillery. I will continue with the guide assuming that he moves it 2W onto the airport. (However, I will also cover the possibility that he moves it 1W, 2S, directly S of his W base.)
Drake Day 4:
Sami Day 5: Begin capture of Eagle’s W base.
Move the easternmost T-copter directly south of the capturing infantry.
Move the Bomber all the way E.
Load the Mech into the westernmost T-copter and move it all the way E.
Move the southernmost T-copter all the way E.
Build a B-copter from your S airport.
Eagle Day 5: Eagle’s artillery should attack your infantry (leaving it on 4HP) also, his B-copter should move 2W.
Drake Day 5:
Sami Day 6: Finish capturing Eagle’s W base.
Move the easternmost T-copter S, just off the coast (i.e. out of the attack range of any enemy units).
Move the bomber 4E, 1N.
Move the southernmost T-copter all the way E, and drop S.
Mech loaded T-copter should be moved 6E, 1S.
Move easternmost B-copter 5E, 1N.
Move the other B-copter all the way east.
Build 2 B-copters from your airports.
Eagle Day 6: Eagle must now finish off your infantry with his artillery, and load both the tank and the AA into a lander (which should be nearby). He must also begin capturing your newly captured base with his infantry.
Drake Day 6:
Sami Day 7: Move the N loaded T-copter 1S, 5E and drop the mech W onto Eagle’s southern base.
Begin capture of Drake’s HQ.
Attack enemy capturing infantry with bomber.
Block Eagle’s remaining base with the T-copter from the south coast of Eagle’s island
Move easternmost B-copter 5E, 1W.
Move all other B-copters all the way east.
Build another B-copter.
Eagle Day 7: Eagle must now move his B-copter into range of one of your B-copters (usually the second most westerly one). Also, the artillery and the rocket must not both be in range of the HQ (i.e. one or the other can be, but not both).
Drake Day 7:
Sami Day 8: Finish capturing Drake’s HQ.
Begin capturing Eagle’s HQ.
Attack Eagle’s B-copter with your B-copter.
Attack one of the infantry units on Eagle’s small island (the one with a city, an airport and a base on it) with a B-copter.
Attack the infantry on the northern island (the one wit the neutral properties on it) with a B-copter. Don’t kill it. (You need it for the power score).
Bomb some random unit if you feel the need (the AA if Eagle has dropped it back on his Island). Makes use that you can kill the enemy capturing infatry (or some other unit) next go. Make sure the bomber is out of missle range.
Block Eagle’s 2 remaing bases with T-copters, and use the other one as bait for the missle unit that Eagle built.
Build infantry form all bases, and a B-copter.
Eagle Day 8: Eagle’s b-copter should attack the B-copter that attacked it, leaving it on low HP.
Sami Day 9: If all has gone well, you should be able to destroy 4 units (the B-copter and the various damaged infantry, including the one that is capturing your base), build any uits needed for the technique score, and then finish capturing Eagles HQ.

Strategy by thefalman.