Cost – 12000
Landers can transport two ground units. If the lander sinks, the units vanish.
6 This is a transport unit’s movement range. These units can move over reefs.
1 This is the Lander’s vision range. It’s best not to rely on it to spot enemy units.
99/99 This is the current fuel amount. It’s used at 1 unit per turn. Units sink when out of fuel.

Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Landers carry no weapons and cannot fire.
General Information and Strategy

The Lander is your sea-based transport, and surprisingly, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the APC and T-Copter. The APC had the ability of supplying friendly units with Ammo and Fuel, and the T-Copter could cross all Terrain unhindered. So what makes the Lander so special, and so expensive?

Well, first of all, the Lander can carry two units instead of just one. That of course makes it more valuable than a T-Copter or APC; getting soldiers to the cities faster pays well. And there’s one more thing: Landers aren’t limited to just Foot Soldiers.

That’s right, the Lander is the only way you have to transport your Land units to other places. In Island maps, this is absolutely vital. Not only do you get your soldiers moving to capture cities, but also your whole army too, because you can be sure your opponent’s gonna send units to stop your captures.

However, Landers can only dispatch their cargo on shoal terrain, which can be limiting at times. They’re also very fragile -like any other transport unit in Advance Wars- but when you lose the Lander, you lose quite a bit more than an APC or a T-Copter; specially if it was loaded with something expensive like a MD. Tank. And they can be severely hindered by Reef terrain, which might be harmful if you need them fast.

Still, the Lander is a vital unit for Sea maps in Advance Wars, just use them with due care and you’ll be safe.