WR2-25: Banker Hills

Banker Hills Guide
Recommended CO: Sami
Opponent: Hachi
Speed requirement: 21 days
Points: 300 (S-Rank)

Days: 9

This is one of the easiest missions of War Room as the AI is dumb enough to move exactly as you need. Again, it goes by capturing an HQ with Sami’s beloved capturing techniques.

Day 1: Build an Mech in the north base.

Day 2: Move the Mech two east. Build one infantry in the north base.

Day 3: Move the Mech two east and the infantry one west, one north. Build an APC in the north base.

Hachi Day 3: Now you want him to launch a missile into your APC and Infantry, not into the Mech. It’s very difficult to occur, but if it happens, restart the map.

Day 4: Move your APC one south and five east. Load your Mech into it. Move your infantry two north and build one more infantry in the north base.

Day 5: Move your APC four east and and three north. Move your north infantry two west, but do not launch it. Move the remaining infantry one west, one north and build an Mech in the North base.

Day 6: Now, move your APC one north and drop the Mech north. Move the another Mech two east and start capturing the city. Move your south infantry one west, and, with the remaining infantry:

1 – If the enemy has moved his Tank and Artillery in the same range, launch a missile (not the southmost one) into them.

2 – If not, launch the missile in the troops you think will be the best to wipe out with your Mechs (you need to destroy at least 2 units to maintain your Power score). I reccomend the Tank and one infantry.

Build another Mech in the north base.

Day 7: Move your Mech (the one that was on the APC) one north and one east. Finish capturing the city. Move your remaining Mech one north, one east and build one more from the same base. With your south infantry, launch the southmost missile (the only one that in his range) into the units you think suitable to wipe out. If the enemy has put his Artillery, two infantry and one Recon in the range of the missile, go for it.

Day 8: Start capturing Hachi’s HQ. If the enemy has put his A-Air near (about one to three squares) the neutral base, launch a missile into it and the remaining one into the units he has just build in his bases. With the Mech that has just finished capturing the city, wipe out the Tank. Move your newly-build Mech one south one east, and the start capturing the neutral base with the remaining one. Build two infantry.

Day 9: Now, destroy everything in your range (possibly an infantry, the A-Air and the Recon), build two more infantry and finish capturing Hachi’s HQ.

Guide by Link_DZ