WR2-26: Missile Plains

Missile Plains Guide

Recommended CO: Everyone

Opponents: Sturm

Speed requirement: 15 Days

Points: 300pt S-Rank

Days: 5

Day 1: Build infantry at all the bases in the upper two sections. You’ll also need to build some infantry in the lower sections to launch missiles; three if you’re using Sturm or Kanbei, four otherwise. It’s inevitable that all these infantry will be destroyed, but you can avoid losing any other units and build enough to still get 100 Technique.

If you’re not using Sturm or Kanbei, don’t build at the western base in the third section; a Neotank will be able to attack it right away, and most COs will lose an infantry right there, which is a waste. (Kanbei needs to adapt the strategy a bit, since he spends more money; I’ll focus on the general strategy for now.)

Sturm Day 1:
Day 2: You want to launch missiles at the tanks in the second section so that the closest tank to your side has 4 HP, the tank next to the pipeline has 4 HP, and the rest have 1 HP. This takes five missiles. Next, go after the tanks in the uppermost section; don’t damage the one next to the pipeline so the others don’t join with it. Three more missiles can knock the other Neotanks there down to 1 HP. Don’t launch any more missiles; also, it’s probably a good idea to launch with the lower infantry first so you can ignore them later. In the second section, build a tank at the west base, an APC at the middle one, and an infantry at the east one; and build a recon at the western base in the top section. Build infantry at the other two bases. (I *think* you still have the funds to; if not, just build what you can.)
Sturm Day 2:
Day 3: Launch three missiles at the remaining healthy Neotank in the middle section. Don’t hit the nearby infantry; you want it to capture the city. Destroy the Neotank with your tank (Sonja may need a few attempts to do this). You should still be able to launch one missile, so hit the 3 HP neotank and the infantry near the HQ. Load the nearest infantry into the APC, and drop it off in range of the HQ. Move the recon west, and try to move an infantry in the second section towards the final missile in that section. Try to move onto a forest or city to reduce damage from the 4 HP Neotank. Build a recon in the middle base in the second section, and infantry at the other bases in the upper two sections. (Maybe a recon at the western base in the top section again? I didn’t do it last time, but it might make getting the power score easier.
Sturm Day 3:
Day 4: Your infantry should be healthy. Capture the HQ with it, and use the tank, recon, and APC to attack and/or block off nearby enemy infantry. Move the recon in the middle section as far up as you can and attack the infantry capturing the city. Build another recon from the same base. Get an infantry in range to launch the last available missile on the next turn; you’ll use it to help take out the 4 HP Neotank. Build a tank from the east base in the second section to block the full HP Neotank; it should easily survive the attack.
Move as many infantry as you can towards the missile silo, actually; you’ll want as many options as possible for destroying the final Neotank next turn. Move the recon in the top section all the way west. Build infantry in all remaining bases in the top two sections.
Sturm Day 4:
Day 5: Your capturing infantry should be safe if you made the right moves. Before finishing the capture, though, you’ll want to destroy four units for the power score, and build infantry at every base to get full Technique. To destroy four units, launch a missile to hit the 4 HP Neotank, then attack it with infantry and possibly the damaged tank to try to take out its last 1 HP. For the other three, go after infantry in the top section with your tank and recons. Now capture the HQ.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.