WR2-27: Lost Basin

Lost Basin Guide

Recommended CO: Everyone

Opponents: Sami and Sonja

Speed requirement: 41 Days

Points: 300pt S-Rank

Days: Details 10

Day 1: Build an APC in the north base.
Sami Day 1:
Sonja Day 1:
Day 2: Move the APC three north. Build two infantry.
Sami Day 2:
Sonja Day 2:
Day 3: Load the north infantry into the APC. Move the APC three north, three east and drop the infantry north. Move the other infantry one west, two south. Build two more infantry.
Sami Day 3:
Sonja Day 3:
Day 4: Capture the base with the northernmost infantry, and the base to the southwest with the southernmost. Move the newly-built north infantry all the way west, and the last infantry all the way south. Move the APC below the northernmost infantry. Build two more infantry.
Sami Day 4:
Sonja Day 4:
Day 5: Finish capturing the bases. Capture a city with one infantry, and move the remaining three into position to launch three missiles next turn. Then, you guessed it, two more infantry. Also, if you didn’t move the APC on the previous turn for some reason, move it now to keep the infantry safe.
Sami Day 5:
Sonja Day 5: You want Sonja to move her forces near the north base (recon, tank, artillery, five infantry) in such a way that all of them can be hit by a single missile. (Usually, this happens if the artillery is able to attack your new base.) If not, try again; it won’t take long to get back to this point.
Day 6: Launch three missiles to weaken them all to 1 HP. Load the infantry into the damaged APC. Move it one north, two east. Build a tank from the base the infantry was just on. With the southernmost infantry, capture the nearby base and build a tank from the base you just left. With your newly built infantry, head towards either cities or the un-launched missile silos; the only important thing is that you can launch the last three missiles in two days.
Sami Day 6:
Sonja Day 6:
Day 7: The artillery should be recovering on a city right next to Sonja’s rocket if all went well. Destroy the artillery with your northern tank, then move your APC onto the city. Capture cities with the rest of your forces, and make sure you can launch the last three missiles next turn. Nearly done…
Sami Day 7:
Sonja Day 7: Sonja should build a tank in her upper-left base, and an artillery in the upper-right. Also, she should move her infantry all onto the left side of her coastline, and not block your path in.
Day 8: Now’s the time to launch the rest of the missiles. You want to hit the tank, the artillery, and *ONE* infantry, knocking all down to 1 HP. Now, destroy the tank with your tank. Move the APC to the right of the base said tank was on, and drop east. With the rest of the map, just do general capturing stuff and maintain your defenses on the south side.
Sami Day 8:
Sonja Day 8:
Day 9: Sonja hopefully moved her artillery away, and built a tank on the base it was at. This tank is the *only* threat to your capturing infantry, so move your APC south of it and your tank west of it – don’t attack. Begin capturing. Again, no particular strategy for what to do elsewhere.
Sami Day 9:
Sonja Day 9:
Day 10: Finish capturing Sonja’s HQ. Now have fun blasting your way through Sami’s units with a swarm of Neotanks, or any other high-cost strategy. You have until Day 41 to get perfect Speed, so use the time to set up to get perfect Power and Technique if need be.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.