WR2-28: Risky Vale

Risky Vale Guide
Recommended CO: Sami

Opponents: Max and Kanbei

Speed requirement: 23 Days

Points: As high as 300 (S-Rank)

Days: Details 6

Sami Day 1: Build 2 Infantry
Max Day 1:
Kanbei Day 1:
Sami Day 2: Move one infantry south onto the mountain. Capture the N neutral base with the other (not the NW neutral base). Build 2 more infantry.
Max Day 2:
Kanbei Day 2:
Sami Day 3: Save here. Move the southern infantry into position to capture Max’s S base. Finish capturing the N neutral base. Move the infantry from your W base all the way east. Move the infantry from your E base north onto the mountain. Build 2 More infantry.
Max Day 3: Max must build his tank from his W base. Also, Max’s infantry should attack the infantry on the base you just finished capturing (not the one on the mountain). Restart if this doesn’t happen.
Kanbei Day 3: Kanbei must build his tank from his NW base.
Sami Day 4: Once the AI moves favourably, save again. Begin capturing Max’s N, S and E bases. Move the infantry from your E base all the way west (to block Max’s tank) Start capturing the NW neutral base with the infantry from your W base. Start capturing the S neutral base with the damaged infantry from your N base. Build a recon from your E base, and infantry from the other 2 bases.
Max Day 4:
Kanbei Day 4: I think it will make your life easier if Kanbei builds his artillery from the NE base… it’s not essential but it helps… he usually does anyway.
Sami Day 5:Day 5: Finish capturing Max’s N, S and E bases, and the NW neutral base. Continue capturing of the S neutral base. Attack Max’s infantry with the infantry from your W base, then join the 2 hp infantry that got attacked by Max’s tank to it. Move the remaining infantry to block the tank. Move the recon three squares east. Build 2 infantry from your bases.
Max Day 5: Now, for the most frustrating bit. Max must not move his artillery directly behind his tank (i.e. so it would be able to fire on your blocking infantry).
Kanbei Day 5: Kanbei MUST build his AA from his NW base, not the NE base. It may seem like this will never happen, but trust me it does happen, although it is quite rare.
Sami Day 6: MAKE SURE you save after the AI moves favourably. Move the recon onto Kanbei’s NE base. Finish capturing the S neutral base with the damaged infantry, then join the 2hp infantry to it. Move the infantry that captured Max’s N base all the way east. Move the infantry that captured Max’s E base all the way north. Begin Capturing Kanbei’s S city with the infantry that captured Max’s S base. Use one of your central infantry to block the tank, and capture some of the neutral cities with the remaining infantry (make sure they are not in range of Kanbei’s infantry, you can do without the extra pressure on the centre at this point. Build infantry at all available bases. You might want to build a mech at Max’s S base, or possibly in the centre, but I think you could get away with infantry to save money.

Wrap Up:

From there on, you’re in a pretty good position. On day 7 I recommend attacking the infantry on Max’s city with your recon and beginning to capture Kanbei’s NE base and N city. By building a couple of tanks out of Max’s S base you can hold off the assault there, and then strengthen the centre. Make sure you keep the enemy from retaking any of the outer bases, even if it�s just by keeping an infantry on them.

The next main problem you have to deal with is the rocket that Max will build, you might be able to get away with starting to capture a base in its range and then joining infantry, or possibly falling back slightly into the centre.

At the end of the day, what you do after day 6 (and what you build on that day) is up to you, as you’ll need to work around Max’s weak indirects. If you have any particular problems then I’ll try to help as best I can.

Strategy by thefalman.