C02: The New Black

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Normal Campaign Guide

Mission 2: The New Black

Player: Jake (Orange Star)
Enemy: Jugger (Black Hole)
Terms: Rout the enemy

Another simple mission. You want to load the infantry into the APC (move
infantry to the square the APC is occupying and press ‘Load’) and move the
APC down, eventually unloading the infantry on your HQ so it can heal. With
the west artillery, on Day 1 you want to move it east to the west of the
other artillery, this will allow optimum sniping across the river. The east
artillery wants to start sniping by Day 1. Keep moving your tank northwest
around the map so it will eventually meet up with the enemy tanks.

When sniping, you want to attack the ones that are about to leave your
firing range first (hold down ‘B’ on the artillery to see the firing range
or hold the artillery down with the touch screen). If you do it right, only
a 5 HP tank (give or take one HP) should escape your Artilleries reach, and
it should then enter your tanks range. There you go.

Strategy by Banzo803. Map image by Tsuruya.