C24: Pincer Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Normal Campaign Guide

Mission 24: Pincer Strike

Recommended COs:
Orange Star – Anyone
Blue Moon – Sami/Sonja (Sami needs to be on level 6 with Pathfinder, Prairie
Dog and Star Power)
Enemy CO: Jugger and Drake

Day 1

Orange Star

– Do nothing

Blue Moon

– Move north Mech 2 east
– Move Loaded APC s 4 east drop Infantry north
– Move both Medium Tanks 3 east
– Move Neo Tank 4 east, 2 south
– Move right Tank 3 south
– Move remaining Tank 3 east
– Move both Recons 4 south, 1 east
– Move Artillery 4 south, 1 east
– Move Rockets, 1 east, 3 south
– Move Anti-Air 3 south
– Move remaining Mech 2 south

Day 2

Orange Star

– Do nothing

Blue Moon

– Load north Mech into APC
– Move APC 1 north, 4 east and drop east
– Attack enermy’s units
– Switch to Sonja

Day 3

Orange Star

– Do nothing

Blue Moon

– Use Tag Power
– Move north Mech 1 south, 1 east. If a Tank will prevent the Mech from
capturing the HQ after you have switched COs then reload the Save and move
north Mech 2 east instead.
– Attack units
– Attack units
– Switch to Sami
– Destroy remaining units
– Capture HQ with Mech

Alternate strategy by Banzo 803

OS: Hawke and Lash
I chose them for their excellent synergy and they’re my two favourite CO’s.
Also, Hawke’s powers will devastate the enemy and not only make OS’ tag
incredibly powerful, but will give Blue Moon a significant advantage aswell.
Jess is also an excellent choice here.

BM: Sasha and Colin
Sasha plays a massive role here with Market Crash. Jugger + Drake tag will
destoy you and with her massive funds you will get before you get the
factory and airport, you can drain the entire bar. Alway keep Sasha’s power
charged, just make sure you use it at the end of your turn, before you buy
stuff. You won’t be tagging out Sasha much, if not at all, so Colin is good
for the +15% D2D luck.

Strat – OS
With OS, your main priorities are:
1) Keeping your navy intact and destroying BH
2) Snag the Comm Tower island
3) Lead the initial invsion into BH territory with a Neotank rush
4) Support BM with hawke’s powers after you get your tag.

Winning objective ‘1’ is simple. Rush forward, and when fog kicks in, hide
in reefs. By the time FOW comes, you hould be positioned and ready to
destroy the oncoming BH navy. With Hawke, the Sub is mincemeat by your
cruiser (you should be able to spot the Sub by watching the Black Boats
movement and repair/supply action. The Cruiser is gone thanks to the BShip,
and on the following turns you should hunt down the B-Ship and BB. Use your
Navy after that to spy on enemy territory.

Objective 2 will require careful positioning. Your infantry should snag the
neutral base closeby by Day 3. You want to keep your units out of range of
the Neo and Md tank, but make sure you bait them in with a recon or
something. Then destroy it with your Mega. The Copters should destroy the
missile unit fairly easily and then harass the capturing infantry and
artillery near the two cities. This gets rid of the initial defnses there.
The Md tank will usually go down and protect the Comm Tower island, but it
should be no problem for your Neo’s or copters. The initial lander should
always be ready to drop two infantry you built off once the defenses are
gone. One infantry should be left at base to capture the two cities. There
is one problem here, there will be two Anti Airs rushing down pretty fast
from BH territory, so be sure to block off the shoals and fast paths to your
harrassing copters with a tank or something. A mega will alsa come down, but
i shouldn’t be a worry with a Neotank or your own mega.

Objective 3 should now be mincemeat. After capturing the Comm tower island,
and generally most of the southern portion of the map, lead a Neotank/Md
Tank rush supported by BM Bombers. Bring along an APC with infantry if you
can’t be bothered finding the hiding units so a HQ capture is plausible.

Finally, during all this and after your tag, it’s safe to say you won’t get
another, so just harrass BH by using Hawke’s COP, this will be incredibly
effective in lowering BH morale and will greatly help BM destroy the

Overall OS
Snag the lower protion of the map and destroy BH initial rushing forces and
navy, and then have them lead the invasion. DO NOT ALLOW BH TO CAPTURE THE
MIDDLE BASE NEAR THE FORESTS, that will be spelling out your own demise.

Strat – BM
With BM, your main priorities are:
2) Destroying the indirects so you can capture the airport and factory and
launch the missiles, similarly, preventing BH from doing this.
3) Supporting OS’ push into BH territory with Bomber and and general air

Delaying the tag will be relatively simple, you will nearly all the time
have Market crash fully charged. use it at the end of your turn, after you
attack and only if they have their tag fully charged. The bombardment by
indirects and your attacking of the indirects will keep market Crash
relatively full for the early stage of the game.

Objective 2 is tougher. retreat into the forest and out of range during
clear weather, when rain and FOW come in, edge forward and then pounce on
their indirects, you will take alot of damage here but it should be okay.
The Recons can harrass enemy indirects whilst your Md tank attacks the
Battleship and any incoming Mech going over the mountin ranges. Generally
you want to put priority on crippling as much as possible and not destroying
as much as possible. This is a rather difficult stage of the game to pull
of, but your directs should come out on top, especially with the luck. if
you’re having trouble, don’t be afraid to send 1 or 2 little OS regular
tanks to help out against the Anti Air and tanks supporting the BH
indirects. The most important thing here is to regularly use Market crash
and to keep your infantry and Mechs at 7+ health.

Capturing will be simple after you destroy the indirects and with hawke’s
powers as support, you shouldn’t have too many troubles. Launching the
missiles isn’t a delicate task, just have them at the ready and when you
attack the BH HQ, fire them of in random spots where BH units probably are,
no need for 100% precision, although it is nice.

the final push into territory should be simple now. Neotanks + Bombers will
be undefeatable practically and the only problem is chasing down their
units. Regularly use Market Crash if you have it charged now, as Drake will
begin emphasising his COP over the tag.

Overall BM
Delay the tag. This is BM most vital role, if you let them have the tag, you
might aswell restart, as you will have alot of troubles. If BH get the
airport and bases, you are also really badly screwed over.

Prevent the tag and capturing of neutral bases by BH and then just run full
charge into their HQ area, which is conveniantly nice and open.

Strategy by RadioShadow. Map image by Tsuruya.