S-M04: Cold Shoulder

Money Survival Guide

Mission 4: Cold Shoulder

Enemy CO:Nell

With some COs, you can clear this map using only two Recons. There are
basically two approaches.

1) Block Nell’s bases on Day 1. For this, you’ll either want Andy,
Jake, Jess, Adder, or Koal as the second CO, or Eagle as the first
when you finish Day 3, and have a tag ready. Build two recons at your
outer bases, and use the tag to move them immediately. With a movement
boost, or the third turn you get with a Lightning Strike tag, you can
block Nell’s outer bases and she’ll only build a single infantry,
which you can easily destroy on Day 2.

2) Destroy all three infantry on Day 2. Again, you’ll need a tag ready
for this; you’ll want to start the tag with either Eagle or a CO who
can one-hit KO infantry with recons with his/her super in effect.
Again, build two recons at your outer bases. Switch COs on Day 1 if
necessary. Use the tag, (attack first in Eagle’s case) destroy the two
infantry at the outer bases, then use your second turn to finish off
the last infantry with the two recons. Colin should be able to do this
with Power of Money’s boost unless you’re on the Champion course and
fairly late in the run; Nell, Flak, and Jugger should be able to if
you save and keep trying until they succeed on both attacks. Not sure
who else can manage, offhand – anybody who can get up to a 100% boost,
or the equivalent with luck included, really. Skills can help with
this, of course.

(Note: The particular strategy of using a Lightning Strike tag was
given to me by Translucent Air; the rest I figured out after messing
around on the map myself a bit.)

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.