WR3-01: Spann Island

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 1: Spann Island

Score achieved: 300 pts, 5 days
100-pt. time limit: 12 days
Player CO: Sami
Enemy CO(s): Andy
Skills: Conqueror, Invader
Mode: 2.0x EXP

Day 1:

– Build Recon at far right Base.
– Build Infantry at Base 1 south, 1 east of your HQ.

Day 2:

– Move Recon 3 north, 2 east.
– Move Infantry 3 east.
– Build APC at far right Base.
– Build Recon on Base 1 north, 1 west of your HQ.

Day 3:

– Load Infantry into APC.
– Move APC 4 East, 2 north and drop Infantry north.
– Move right Recon 2 east, 1 north and attack left Infantry capturing City.
– Move other Recon 3 east, 4 north, 1 east.
– Build Tank in far right Base.

Day 4:

– Move Infantry 3 north and start Capturing HQ.
– Move APC 4 north, 1 east and supply.
– Move eastern Recon 1 north and attack Mech.
– Save.
– Move Tank 3 north, 3 east and destroy Infantry capturing City. If failed to destroy then reload the Save.
– Save.
– Move remaining Recon 3 east, 2 south, 1 east and attack Infantry. If it has 6 HP, then you have a chance of winning. If the HP goes down to 5, you are guaranteed to win! If you want you can keep reloading the save until the Infantry has 5HP.
– Build Infantry in all Bases.
– Save.

Note: The guide will not work if Andy’s Tank that he previously built attacks the Infantry capturing after his Mech kills the recon. This rarely happens though.

If capturing Infantry has 3HP then you have no chance of winning unless you used the forces I suggested. Keep reloading the save until the Infantry has 4HP left.

Day 5:

– Move all Infantry on your Bases 2 east.
– Build 5 More Infantry.
– Finish Capturing HQ.

Additional strategy

Score achieved: 300 pts, 5 days
100-pt. time limit: 12 days
Player CO: Nell, Flak or Jugger
Enemy CO(s): Andy
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: If you thought 5 days was only possible with Sami, think again. With the luck COs, it is possible to win equally fast by rout. However, this will require a lot more luck abuse. swifty, who found how to do this, likened it to throwing dice for 2 hours or more (which, after I myself tried, I can only agree). You have been warned.

Andy builds 2 Recons, which proves to be his biggest mistake: they can be destroyed in 1 hit with your Tanks. This means he spends a lot of funds on easily destroyable units. Without this, it would have been impossible to finish this map by rout in 5 days.

In this guide, when I write 2 numbers in brackets (i.e. X-Y), X refers to how much HP your unit must have, while Y refers to how much HP the enemy unit must have. Save every time before you attack.

For full Power, don’t worry. If you win by rout, you’ve got full Power already.
For full Technique, you can only lose 1 unit, which will be an Infantry.

Day 1:

– Build Infantries at all bases.

Day 2:

– Move all southwestern Infantries 3E.
– Move the eastern Infantry 3N.
– Build a Tank in the eastmost base.
– Build 2 Infantries at the eastern bases near your HQ.

Day 3:

– Move eastmost Infantry 2N 1E. Attack the Infantry (8-5).
– Move the Tank 3N 3E. Attack the Infantry (10-4).
– Move all Infantries 3E. Move the one which cannot 1S 2E.
– Build a Tank in the eastmost base.
– Save.

Andy Day 3:

– He attacks your Infantry with his Recon (1-10 or 2-10).
– He must attack your Tank with his Infantry (9-3).

Day 4:

– Attack the 5HP Infantry with yours (With Jugger, it is possible to reduce it to 4HP if you did an exceptionally high amount of damage on Day 3).
– Move the Tank on the base 1E of the Recon and attack it (10-0).
– Attack the capturing Infantry with the remaining Tank (9-4). (Sometimes it is impossible to retain 9HP. I gave up at this point during my earlier runs, but having played this map, I would recommend you just grit your teeth and continue.)
– Move the eastmost Infantry 3N. Start capturing the city.
– Move the next eastmost Infantry 1S 2E.
– Arrange the other Infantries in a reversed L shape (or a J shape) with the capturing Infantry.
– Build a Tank in the eastmost base.
– Save.

Andy Day 4:

– He must move his healthy Infantry in the east 2S 1E.
– He must attack your Tank with his Infantry from the mountain (10-5).
– He must build a Tank in his southeast base.

Day 5:

– Save here, and do not overwrite until you are able to activate your COP (see below).
– Attack the enemy Infantry in the southeast with yours (8-5) (Note: Not 9-5, as you need the counterattack damage to charge up your COP).
– Move the eastern Tank 1S of the enemy Tank and attack it (Do at least 4 damage to it, your Tank’s HP does not matter).
– Move the second northmost Infantry 1N 1E and destroy the Infantry on the mountain.
– Move the Tank on the base 1S of the enemy Recon and attack it (10-0).
– Activate your COP. (If you cannot, restart from the earlier save.)
– Move the Infantry in the corner of the reverse L shape 1N 2E and destroy the enemy Infantry.
– Move the damaged Infantry (capturing the city) 1W of the enemy capturing Infantry and destroy it.
– Move the northmost Tank 1W of the enemy Tank and destroy it.
– Save.

Andy Day 5:

– He must suicide his 5HP Infantry.

Strategy by RadioShadow. Additional strategy by DxDyDzD.