WR3-04: Sole Harbor

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 4: Sole Harbor

Score achieved: 300 pts, 14+ days
100-pt. time limit: 18 days
Player CO: Anyone except Kanbei or Max
Enemy CO(s): Drake
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: Build up an early force of tanks, with a few indirects for support. Fight your way to Drake’s HQ; capturing it is usually easier, but winning by rout is feasible as well.

Day 1:

– Build infantry from all 3 bases.

Day 2:

– Move southern infantry 2N, 1E.
– Move NE infantry 1S, 2E.
– Move remaining infantry onto neutral base and begin capture.
– Build infantry in all bases.

Day 3:

– Move most easterly infantry onto neutral base and begin capture.
– Move the infantry next to the capturing infantry 3E.
– Southern infantry capture city 1N, 2W.
– NE infantry capture city 2 spaces N.
– NW infantry 2E and begin capturing city.
– Finish captures.
– Build a tank and an artillery in the northern bases.
– Build a recon in remaining base.

Drake Day 3:

– Builds tank.

Day 4:

– Finish all captures.
– Move infantry on base 3E and begin capturing city.
– Move infantry next to capturing infantry 3E and begin capturing base.
– Move artillery so it’s a 1N of capturing infantry on city.
– Move tank 1E of arillery.
– Move recon 1W of artillery.
– Build tank in base 1S, 2W of recon.
– Save.

Drake Day 4:

– Hopefully, he will move his tank 1E of his port. This will make things a lot easier. If this doesn’t happen, it means a tank roaming about.

Day 5:

– Finish captures.
– Move eastern tank 5E and 1S onto neutral city.
– Artillery as far east as possible.
– Move recon 7E.
– Move infantry on base 3EMove south-westerly infantry 2S, 1E.
– Move remaining infantry 3E.
– Move tank as far east along road as you can.
– Build rockets in eastern base.

After this, AI becomes unpredictable, but the main plan is use rockets to blast away at eastern bases, while scaring off MD tanks and artillery. Use your recon to hassle infantry on the far east. Capture properties over there are not priority, and if he focuses his forces there, back off and concentrate on the chokepoint.

Plenty of tanks, and bigger are needed at all times, an assualt on his base isn’t so smart, as he usually has plenty of tanks floating about.

Strategy by Kiltman2, with additional credits to Dragon Fogel.