WR3-19: Nest Egg

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 19: Nest Egg

Score achieved: 300 pts, 7 days
100-pt. time limit: 30 days
Player CO: Anyone except Grimm or Kanbei
Enemy CO(s): Sensei
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: This map requires a lot of luck abuse. The AI must make 3 favourable movements in a row, and you must not save in between any of them or risk locking the AI into one set of movements. Fortunately, once this is done, the rest of the map becomes quite simple to finish.

Your Recons will have to place themselves in danger to lure enemy Tanks away from the HQ. You have 3 Recons to lure with and 2 enemy Tanks. 2 Recons are used as lures and 1 is used to get the Power score. When the 2 Recon baits are no longer needed, they will retreat behind your Tank to preserve Technique.

Grimm cannot follow this guide because his Recons would get OHKOed by Sensei’s Tanks while on roads. Kanbei cannot follow this guide because of increased costs.

For full Power, you need to destroy 1 (an Infantry) unit in 1 day. By building specific units, you can trick the AI into building only 10 units, making 1 kill sufficient for Power.

For full Technique, you can only lose 1 unit, your APC.

Day 1:

– Build an APC in the east base.

Day 2:

– Move the APC 3E.
– Build an Infantry in the east base.
– Build a Recon in the west base.
– Save, and do not overwrite until Day 5.

Sensei Day 2:

– He must start capturing the northmost base near his HQ.

Day 3:

– Load the Infantry onto the APC. Move the APC 6E.
– Move the Recon 1S 6E.
– Build a Recon in the east base.

Sensei Day 3:

– His Tank must move 4S 1E.

Day 4:

– Move the APC 2N 2E.
– Move the Recon on the base 4N 4E.
– Move the other Recon 2E.
– Build a Recon on the east base.

Sensei Day 4:

– His Artillery must move 1S 4W.

Day 5:

– Save.
– Move the APC 3N 2E. Drop the Infantry N.
– Move the Recon in the center 5N 1W.
– Move the Recon on the base 4N 4E.
– Do not move the last Recon.
– Build a Tank in the east base.

Day 6:

– Start capturing Sensei’s HQ.
– Move the APC 2N 2W.
– Move the northmost Recon 2E and attack the Infantry. You must do at least 5 damage.
– Move the damaged Recons onto the road 1E of your east base and join them.
– Move the Tank 2E.
– Build a Recon and Infantry (It doesn’t matter which base is used to build which unit).

Day 7:

– Destroy the Infantry in the north with your Recon.
– Move the Infantry and Recon off your bases.
– Build any 2 units.
– Finish capturing Sensei’s HQ.

Strategy by DxDyDzD.