WR3-41: Whiplash

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 41: Whiplash

Score achieved: 300 pts, 11 days
100-pt. time limit: 23 days
Player CO: Anyone but Kanbei
Enemy CO(s): Drake (bottom screen), Eagle (top screen)
Skills: None
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: This strategy turns the map is a frantic race for each other’s HQ. Your HQ island will be left completely undefended in order to gain a small
advantage when assaulting Drake’s island. You must capture Drake’s
HQ in 11 days, or he will capture yours on that day. Land 2 Md. Tanks
to damage Drake’s low-tier units. Drop off 3 Infantry, 2 of which
serve as protection for your capturing Infantry.

Note that this map is very random, and even the slightest deviation from the strategy will result in different outcomes. This is not a bad thing, though,
as there are many possible ways to win. This strategy only covers one
of them. Experiment until you can achieve victory.

For Colin, his Md. Tanks are weaker than normal, but he can buy Neotanks due to his reduced costs. When this guide refers a Md. Tank, Colin should be using
a Neotank instead. Sami has weak Md. Tanks, but her Infantry can take
one hit and still be able to capture the HQ.

Kanbei cannot follow this strategy due to increased costs.

The top screen CO does not matter.

For full Power, you need to destroy 2 units in 1 day. This can be done on Day 10, as you clear the area around Drake’s HQ.

For full Technique, you can lose up to 1 unit, but you should not lose any.

Day 1:

Build Infantries in the northeast and southwest bases.

Day 2:

Move the northeast Infantry 3W, and the southwest Infantry 3N.

Build Infantries in the northeast and southwest bases.

Day 3:

Start capturing the neutral ports.

Move the northeast Infantry 3S, and the southwest Infantry 3E.


Day 4:

Finish capturing the neutral ports.

Start capturing the other neutral ports.

Build a Md. Tank in the southwest base (Note that you can build it on the next day).

Day 5:

Finish capturing the neutral ports.

Move the southwest Infantry 1N or 1S (I recommend 1S). Moving it 1N makes the enemy Artillery move southwest, while moving it 1S makes it move northeast.

Build a Lander in the free port in the southwest.

Day 6:

Load the Md. Tank and Infantry onto the Lander.

Move the Lander
5E and drop the Md. Tank E, or 1N 4E and drop N.

Build an Infantry in the southwest base.

Day 7:

Move the Lander back to the WSW port.

Move the Infantry in the southwest base 3E.

Build a Md. Tank in the southwest base.

Md. Tank movement on Drake’s island is at your discretion.

Day 8:

Load the Md. Tank onto the Lander. Move the Lander 5E and drop the Md. Tank N, and the Infantry E.

Move the Infantry on the SSW port 1W.

Build a Black Boat on the SSW port.

Md. Tank movement on Drake’s island is at your discretion. If a unit can attack your Infantry, hit it or block its path with the Md. Tank.

Day 9:

Load both Infantry onto the Black Boat. Move the Black Boat 5N and drop the Infantries N and E.

From here on, your goal is to clear out the remaining forces around Drake’s island. Keep in mind the following tips:

1. Be careful of Drake’s COP. It can ruin your capture even if nothing can attack your capturing Infantry.

2. It may be to your advantage if you do not attack Drake’s units. They will take care of themselves when Drake sends them to the second front.

3. Drake may have a Tank located on the east side of his island. Your Lander will make good bait to stop it from harassing your Infantry.

4. Block up Drake’s bases with your units to slow down his land unit production. Note that you can also accomplish this by using your Md. Tanks as bait to keep an Artillery rooted to the base, but this will charge Drake’s COP
by a bit.

5. Use your units to surround your capturing Infantry to keep it safe from enemy attacks.

Guide by DxDyDzD