T19: Ground Clash

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Trial Maps Guide

T19: Ground Clash

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 6 days
100-pt. time limit: 12 days
Player CO: Waylon
Enemy CO(s): Isabella
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: With creative use of your predeployed force, send one loaded T-copter
to Isabella’s HQ while using the Bomber and a Waylon/Duster to clear
the path. Use the Landers and Infantry to manipulate her AI. As
usual, a bit of luck is required to pull this off.

Day 1:

– Move Bomber 3N 4W.
– Buil T-copter in airport.
– Load all Infantry except the southwestern Infantry into their respective
– Load southwestern Infantry into T-copter.
– Move easternmost Lander 4N and drop Infantry north and west.
– Move westernmost Lander 5W.
– Move next westernmost Lander 3W.
– Move western Lander 2W.

Day 2:

– Move Bomber 5N.
– Load wounded Infantry into easternmost Lander and move Lander 1E 1N.
– Move northern Infantry 1N.
– Move eastern Lander 1E 4N and drop Infantry north and west.
– Move T-copter 6N.
– Build Duster in airport.

Day 3:

– Save here.
– Move Bomber 4N 3E and destroy enemy Missile from the west.
– Load Waylon into Duster and move Waylon/Duster 8N and attack enemy Infantry
from the south. Waylon/Duster MUST deal 7 HP of damage.
– Move T-copter 1N.
– Load one wounded Infantry into easternmost Lander and move Lander 2N.
– Load remaining wounded Infantry into eastern Lander.
– Move westernmost Lander 4N and drop Infantry north.

Isabella Day 3:

– Isabella must place her Artillery units 2E and 1N 1E of Waylon/Duster.
– Isabella’s 3 HP Infantry must move 2W 1S and attack your Infantry. It will
die in the counterattack.

Day 4:

– Move Bomber 1S 1E and destroy Infantry from the south.
– Move Waylon/Duster 4N 1W.
– Move T-copter 6N and drop Infantry north.
– Move easternmost Lander 2S.
– Move next easternmost Lander 1E 2N.
– Move next easternmost Lander 2N.
– Move southern Lander 5N and drop Infantry east.

Isabella Day 4:

– Isabella must not destroy your south central infantry.

Day 5:

– Move Bomber 1N 2E and destroy Rockets from the north.
– Move Waylon/Duster 2E.
– Move T-copter 3N 3E.
– Load 1 HP Infantry into nearby Lander and move that Lander 2S.
– Move northeasternmost Lander 3S.
– Move southern Lander 1S.
– Move Infantry 1N 1E and begin capturing Isabella’s HQ.

Day 6:

– Finish capturing Isabella’s HQ.

Strategy by swifty. Map image by DieselPheonix.