T21: Duo Falls

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Trial Maps Guide

T21: Duo Falls

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 7 days
100-pt. time limit: 15 days
Player CO: Gage
Enemy CO(s): Forsythe
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: One loaded T-copter rushes the HQ while a Bike distracts Forsythe’s
forces. A Gage/Fighter and War Tank provides the power score.

Day 1:

– Build Bike in central factory.
– Build Infantry in eastern factory.
– Build T-copter in eastern airport.

Day 2:

– Move Bike 2S 3E and begin capturing neutral airport.
– Load Infantry into T-copter and move T-copter 6E.
– Build War Tank in central factory.

Day 3:

– Finish capturing neutral airport.
– Move T-copter 6E.
– Move War Tank 2S 2E.

Day 4:

– Save here.
– Move Bike 2N 1E and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move T-copter 6E.
– Move War Tank 2E 1N.
– Build Fighter in central airport.

Forsythe Day 4:

– Forsythe must destroy your Bike with Anti-Air and B-copter.

Day 5:

– Save here if the above happens.
– Load Gage into Fighter and move Gage/Fighter 2E 1N and destroy enemy B-copter
from the south.
– Move War Tank 1N and destroy enemy Anti-Air from the south.
– Move T-copter 1N 4E and drop Infantry east.

Forsythe Day 5:

– Forsythe must build a Duster in his eastern airport.
– Forsythe must move his Infantry north in a location where he cannot attack
his HQ.
– Forsythe must not move his Anti-Air towards his HQ.

Day 6:

– Move Infantry 2N 1W and begin capturing Forsythe’s HQ.
– Destroy enemy Duster with Gage/Fighter.
– Destroy any unit with your War Tank.

Day 7:

– Destroy any units with your War Tank and Gage/Fighter.
– Finish capturing Forsythe’s HQ.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel. Map image by DieselPheonix.