T31: Comb Map

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Trial Maps Guide

T31: Comb Map

Maximum Score: 450 pts
150-pt. time limit: 25 days
100-pt. time limit: 50 days
Player CO: Brenner
Enemy CO(s): Forsythe, Greyfield, Caulder
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: At first, facing Forsythe, Greyfield, and Caulder seems unfair.
However, you will soon realize that Forsythe and Caulder will fight
each other, leaving Greyfield to you. All is not well, because he
has a substantial army in between your HQ and his HQ, slowing your
capture phase.

Begin with a Brenner/Mech and War Tank to rout Greyfield’s starting
forces, and then use your captured airport to spawn Bombers and
Fighters to finish Greyfield, Caulder, and Forsythe in that order.
You should capture Greyfield’s HQ with a loaded T-copter and/or
loaded Rig. Next, capture Caulder’s undefended HQ with the Bombers
and a loaded T-copter. Forsythe can be defeated in any manner you
desire, because he will offer little to no resistance thanks to
the beatdown by Caulder.

The perfect score depends the most on speed. As such, the faster
you can defeat Greyfield, the easier it becomes. The guide only
covers the opening strategy. The rest is up to you.

Day 1:

– Move northern Artillery 2S.
– Move remaining Artillery 1S 1W.
– Build Mech in both factories.

Day 2:

– Save here.
– Move wounded Artillery 1N of neutral factory.
– Join healthy Artillery with wounded Artillery.
– Load Brenner in eastern Mech, move Brenner/Mech 1E and attack enemy Bike.
It must have 3 HP afterwards.
– Move remaining Mech 1S 1E.
– Build War Tank in eastern factory.

Greyfield Day 2:

– Enemy wounded Bike must not suicide or retreat.
– Enemy Bike must attack Brenner/Mech from the south and wounded Bike must
join with it.

Day 3:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Move Artillery 2N.
– Move War Tank 3E and destroy enemy Bike from the west.
– Move Mech 1E and attack enemy Bike from the west.
– Move Brenner/Mech 1S 1E and destroy enemy Bike from the east.
– Build Bike in eastern factory.
– Build Artillery in western factory.

Greyfield Day 3:

– Neither Md Tank must attack your War Tank.

Day 4:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Move eastern Artillery 2N.
– Move War Tank 1S 1E and destroy enemy Bike from the south.
– Move Brenner/Mech 1N 1E.
– Move Mech 2E.
– Move Bike 4S 1E.
– Move remaining Artillery 4E.
– Build Rig in eastern factory.
– Build Mech in western factory.

Greyfield Day 4:

– Your Brenner/Mech must survive.

Day 5:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Destroy enemy Bike with Artillery.
– Move War Tank 1N 1E and destroy enemy Bike from the west.
– Load Mech into Rig and move Rig 4E.
– Move Brenner/Mech 1S 1E.
– Join wounded Mech with Brenner/Mech.
– Attack Infantry with remaining Artillery.
– Move Bike 2E 2S and begin capturing enemy port.
– Build Tank in both factories.

The following day, finish capturing the enemy port. You want to capture
the neutral airport as soon as possible. Build a Fighter to thwart Greyfield’s
B-copter, then a T-copter, and then three Bombers. Your ground forces should
continue making their way towards Greyfield’s HQ through the woods.

Let them capture the neutral base in the middle. Any unit built there is one
less unit you have to deal with when you are making your HQ capture attempt.

Your leftover forces after defeating Greyfield can be used to capture Caulder’s
HQ, but you will need to build an expeditionary force to storm Forsythe’s HQ.
Two War Tanks should be sent as the initial force, followed by two Bikes. If
Forsythe continues to stop your capture, replace one Bike with another War

Strategy by -STL-. Map image by DieselPheonix.