Andy’s Adventure (AW2) by Mark999

Base Game: Advance Wars 2 (U)
Release Date: 1st June 2017
Version 1.0: Download (IPS Format)
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Short Description: For the first time in AW hacking history, a brand-new custom campaign hack of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising! Starring Flak! Impossible situations! Silly HQ Captures! And Factories!

Mod Features:

  • A complete Campaign and Hard Campaign
  • War Room maps
  • Colin Vs Kanbei Pre-deployed Challenge

Get it:
1.0 Download (IPS Format)

Previous Versions:
0.9 Download Link (IPS Format)

What’s new in the 2020 version?
-An actual proper title screen
-One of the War Room maps softlocked upon playing it, this has been fixed
-Hard Campaign originally did not unlock upon completing Normal Campaign. It now unlocks normally. If you’ve beaten it already on your save and still want to play it, set the RAM address 0x02028030 to 0x77
-Colin, Jess, and Sensei originally did not unlock upon completing Normal Campaign. They now unlock normally and have dialogue in War Room like everyone else. If you want to use them without beating Campaign, set RAM address 0x0202805C to 0x7.
-There were a handful of errors in CO statistics that are now fixed. Namely, I had mistakenly taken away Lash’s SCOP boost, Drake had problems with his navy unit boosts, as well as some other issues that are also now fixed.
-XenesisXenon’s Defense Display patch has been applied. You can now see your CO’s defense bonuses in the dossier in addition to attack, movement and range boosts.

-Initial Public Release