Versus Mode Turn Timer (AW2) by Xenesis

Base Game: Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (U)
Release Date: 16th May 2017
Version 1.0: Download (IPS Format)
Source Code (Version 1.0) Download (ARMIPS Format)
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Short Description: Adds a new feature to the game – a Versus mode timer for multiplayer matches.

The patch features the following:
-Versus Mode turn timer for player vs. player games on a clock
-Automatic unlock of all COs in the game

Turn timer is automatically set in a Versus mode game where there are 2 or more human players. The turn timer will not activate in 1p games or in Campaign/War Room/Design Maps modes. The timer is currently set at a default value of 180 ticks (should be approximately 3 minutes depending on system timing). Currently this is extremely basic, it will only hit the end turn switch when you’re on a field selection. If any menus are open the game will continue to wait until the menu is closed. Because this uses the frame counter, the timer is also reset with the frame counter resets, which happens if you use the “save game” command.

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1.0 Download Link