Christmas Map Pack 2022 (AW2) by Kartal

Base Game: Advance Wars 2 (U)

  • File/ROM SHA-1: 14DD0B22C894865867AFF89E8116B2DFFAE25605
  • File/ROM CRC32: 5AD0E571

Release Date: 18th December 2022
Version 1.1: Download (IPS Format)
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Short Description: This Christmas map pack features reworked/reimagined/AI improved/harder (at least 1 of those apply) versions of Advance Wars 2 maps, and Advance Wars 1’s The Final Battle map with Advance Wars 2 COs selectable (each having a custom pre-deployed army).

Mod Features:

The AI improvement in general entails:
– MdTanks and Subs attack first instead of last
– Evasive air units (won’t always suicide move into your attack range)
– Better unit deployment priorities
– Maps arranged to help the AI (neutral properties not placed in a way to lead the AI away from the important zones, etc.)

The maps reworked are:
– Jet-Black Forest (The Final Battle)
– Orange Dawn
– Toy Box
– Silo Scramble
– To The Rescue (now a Sonja map in fog, replacing Showstopper)
– Sea Fortress (with Drake’s navy vs Hawke’s air force and navy)

The maps are accessible from Campaign mode. A very special bonus mission unlocks after beating all other maps, the hacking notes of which are included for other hackers to learn from.

Get it:
1.1 Download (IPS Format)
1.0 Download (IPS Format)

A tiny mistake on the bonus map was fixed.
-Initial Public Release