Factory Player Vs Player (AW2) by Kartal

Base Game: Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GBA)
Release Date: 19th March 2023
Version 1.0: Download (IPS Format)
Short Description: Allows you to play on Factory maps with a human-controlled player

This hack is my recreation of the factory script and the first time I coded a subroutine. It makes the factory work for the player too. (So you can play the factory missions with your friends.)

In the base game, even if Black Hole is hacked to be human controlled, the factory does not spawn units. My code takes care of that. The units spawned are pre-determined. The main difference between this code and the original factory is that spawned units get the same movement AI instead of it being randomized. This might make some maps harder.

(This code also does not spawn 3 units at the same time but only one anywhere and for any player I want. Three of these codes are run each turn for the three factory doors. — This is to make unit spawning flexible and customizable in my future hack(s). The units are taken for a list for 32 turns; they loop after day 32.)

The factory maps are in the Classic folder of Vs. Mode. They are recreations; I had to change the factory into the fortress/giant silo terrain (with factory graphic) to prevent glitches. (The real factory spawns glitch units for the AI outside of Campaign mode.)

The AI isn’t able to target Black Hole objects and is set to not destroy pipe seams on these maps.

Map List:

  • Liberation
  • Liberation HC
  • Liber. NC Units
    Hard Campaign version map with Normal Campaign version factory units.
  • Factory Blues
  • F. Blues HC
  • The Hunt’s End
  • Hunt’s End HC
  • Hunt’s HC Mod
    Black Hole’s starting units are removed except for the seam-guarding Rockets and Missiles, and the Mech on the west side of the factory.
  • Great Sea Btl.
    Changed rules: losing an ally does not cause game over.
  • Great Sea HC
    Changed rules: losing an ally does not cause game over.
  • GSB HC Mod
    No pre-deployed units.
    Changed rules: losing an ally does not cause game over.

Special Thanks:

  • Xenesis Xenon
  • shinny
  • Ephraim225

Special thanks to these people for helping me learn more about GBA ASM.

Get It:
1.0 Download Link