War Room Challenge 2012 (AW2) by Xenesis

Base Game: Advance Wars 2 (U)
Release Date: 25th March 2012
Version 1.3: Download (IPS Format)
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Short Description: The ultimate War Room Challenge! Take on 30 maps in this Advance Wars 2 Gauntlet.

This was a wildly out of control result of what was supposed to be a one-month hack to develop a new War Room challenge for Advance Wars 2. Instead, it has turned into something that’s taken over a year to put together, complete with a large amount of refinements and gameplay additions. Complete with new COs from the AW series, plenty of challenging maps and a bundle of hand-coded new features, this is a definitive hack to play for Advance Wars fans (or people who like TBS games!).

Mod Features:

  • 30 New War Room Maps to play on – Some remixes of existing maps, most brand new from the AW Community.
  • Tutorial map with summary of game rules, scoring and new hack features.
  • Each map has an info dossier with the par time and author of the map.
  • Each CO has unique combat abilities in the War Room setting. Some COs from Advance Wars Dual Strike and Days of Ruin make an appearance as well!
  • Improved high score support – The game records S-ranks achieved on each map with each CO.
  • Improved status screens – The unit status screen now shows CO abilities more accurately and with more stats.
  • Pre-deployed maps provide unique army compositions depending on your CO selection – a feature returning from Advance Wars 1!
  • New deterministic weather rules for fairer scoring!
  • Extended Status Screen – Shows your rank in progress and whether you have S-Ranked this map with the current CO.
  • Improved Enemy AI – Enemy COs no longer use CO powers when they’d have no reason to use them and use them more intelligently!
  • Unlockables – Earn more COs by scoring S Ranks on maps!
  • Play against or as the series’ evil villains – Caulder, Sturm and Von Bolt

Get it:
1.3 Download Link

Previous Versions:
1.2 Download Link
1.1 Download Link
1.0 Download Link

-Fixed a palette index error for the Current Score Display Function
-Tiling Error Fixes in these maps:
Feeling Blue

-Added a new GUI Option: Time Countdown. Counts the days left for an S-Rank, turn it on in options.
-Added a new GUI Option: Current Score Display. Shows your current score in each category. Turn it on in options.
-Edited the GUI: Instead of a 5th Rank, displays what fraction of COs have S-Ranked that map (x / 18)
-Tiling Error Fixes in these Maps:
Barracuda Bay
Battle Bridge
Beach Head
Crescent Isle
Feeling Blue
Island Nation
Legion Peninsula
Split Mountain
Comet Catcher
Mial’s Cape

-Fixed a bug that prevented the saving of S-Rank tally for a map if you didn’t beat your high score
-Fixed an error in the description for Old Wounds

-Initial Public Release