AC00: Overview

The Advance Campaign is the hard mode of the Campaign, you can unlock it once you complete the normal campaign and buy it from Hachi for a mere single coin. Afterwards, you go to the Campaign mode and enter a new game by holding select button.

The difficulty will ramp up and the chances for a perfect score will sometimes be slim to none. Speed limits will be normally tighter and the enemy will have stronger and bigger platoon in command, so you will need to exploit the AI weakness if you want to succeed.

Guide Goals

Our goals for this guide are to explain to you how to get a perfect score of 999 on all missions (or as close at it can be) with any available CO. Because AW1’s AI is highly predictable and most Advance Campaign missions require quick clears for full Speed points, these will be detailed day-to-day guides for most of the missions.

Available COs

You will be in command of the same COs as it was in the regular Campaign mode, that is Andy, Max and Sami. The path to play with them is also the same.

Branching Paths, Extra Missions, and Unlocking COs

Nothing changes here, so you can refer to the regular overview if you need help.


Again, you will be using the 1000 point scheme (shown as 999 in-game), divided in the same way:
500 points for Speed, 300 points for Technique and 200 points for power.

Speed Limit times will be usually lower or remain the same, with some exceptions where you actually get more days to complete the level.

Technique Limit will be removed, that is as long as you survive you will always max out this category.

Power Limit will also be removed, so there is no need for a single kill to get full points.