AC01: It’s War!

Mission 1 – It’s War!
CO Choice: Andy

I’m Andy! Pleased to meet you, Advisor.


Orange StarYes3
Blue MoonYes4

General Strategy

Speed Limit5 days

Send the APC north, guarded by the tanks. Finish capturing the HQ on your 6th day.

Day To Day Movements:

Day 1

  • Move northern tank 3E2N and attack enemy tank
  • Move southern tank 5N1E
  • Move recon north one space to block bridge
  • Move southern artillery 5N
  • Move northern artillery 1E2N
  • Load infantry into APC, move 5N1E (don’t drop)
  • Move other infantry above APC (2E1N)

Day 2

  • Use western artillery to kill tank
  • Move healthy tank 1N2E and damage artillery
  • Finish it with your other artillery
  • Move other tank 2E (don’t attack)
  • Move APC 3N2E (don’t drop)
  • Move damaged infantry 1N2E
  • Move mech 2E

Day 3

  • Use northern artillery to damage A-Air
  • Kill it with the mech
  • Move the other artillery in front of the mech (4E1N)
  • Move APC 3E2N (don’t drop)
  • Move healthy tank in front of APC (3E2N)
  • Move damaged tank below APC (1N1E)

Day 4

  • Move APC 5E and drop infantry on bridge
  • Move tank in front of infantry (6E)

Day 5

  • Capture HQ with infantry

Day 6

  • Finish capturing the HQ

You’ll complete the first mission with 970 points as is impossible to win in 5 days as the APC is just too far from the enemy’s HQ to reach it a day sooner.