AC02: Gunfighter!

Mission 2 – Gunfighter!
CO Choice: Andy

Okay! Here I go!



Turn Limit: 10 Days



Gunfighter HQ
Neutral 8 0
Orange Star Yes 5 2
Blue Moon Yes 6 0
Total 2 19 2 0 0

Strategy Overview:
In this difficult level, you must build a force from scratch to crush Grit and capture his base by day ten for a perfect score. This is a semi-suicide speed level, where you will have to accommodate to enemies running around in your territory while you focus on other areas of attack.

Manipulate Grit’s CO attack and prepare beforehand when you know he’s going to use it. Manipulate the AI to your advantage, especially with Grit’s distance attack units. In your arsenal are the recon units. These units are excellent against distance attacks for three reasons, first because they have the highest terrain movement range and can deal 50-60% damage to rockets and artillery, and second because their presence causes the AI to retreat their distance attack units in fear of being attacked, giving you breathing room to continue a sustained and healthy assault on other ground units. Third, they are cheap, disposable, and can easily move quickly in swarms to injure and destroy a group of enemy artillery and rocket launchers. Creating decoy APCs is a good idea, as well. When rushing your APC through the east portion of the map, use the distance unit blind spots to your advantage.

Completing the level is complex and difficult. You must build the APC on day 5 and have a force of two recons, a mid tank, and two APCs by day 6 to launch off with, and then drop off on day 8 to capture at 10. You do not have enough time or resources to attack the tank or build a tank of your own. The tank will be rampaging around your HQ throughout the level. You can solve this by creating infantry decoys and using strategic blockades with your other units.

Not being able to kill the tank causes a further problem in that you cannot build Grit’s CO meter high enough to trigger its use on day 6 while your units are safely out of range. To solve this problem, you need to send in a recon to attack one of the rocket launchers early on to increase Grit’s CO meter. Use master AI manipulation to keep the enemies attacking decoys, manipulate the distance units into an acceptable formation, manipulate Grit’s CO meter, avoid Grit’s distance attacks, and rush through the level. There seems to be a problem with Grit’s distance units not attacking your units and remaining paralyzed, or fleeing. This is generally a good thing, but you will have to figure out what to do afterwards on your own. Get out there and bust Grit’s chops!

Day To Day Movements:

Day 1:

  • Both Infantry: 2 West, 1 North
  • Build two Recons

Day 2:

  • North Infantry: Attack Artillery from the south
  • South Infantry: 2 West
  • North Recon: 1 West
  • South Recon: 3 West

Day 3:

  • South Recon: 2 North, 5 East
  • Other Recon: 5 East, 1 South
  • Build a Medium Tank in the East Base
  • South Infantry: 1 South

Grit Day 3:

  • Enemy Recon must attack North Recon from the West
  • Enemy Tank must attack Infantry on the River Tile
  • Enemy Medium Tank must move 2 South, 3 West
    If these actions do not occur, you will have to restart the map.

Day 4:

  • Attack Enemy Medium Tank with Medium Tank
  • Attack Enemy Rocket with South Recon
  • Attack Enemy Recon with other Recon from the East
  • Attack Enemy Recon with South Infantry from the South
  • Attack Artillery with remaining Infantry
  • Build Recon in West Base
  • Build Infantry in East Base

Day 5:

  • Attack Enemy Medium Tank with Medium Tank from the South
  • Attack Enemy Recon with East Recon from the East
  • Damaged Infantry: 1 East, 2 North
  • Remaining Recon: 2 East
  • Remaining Infantry: 1 East
  • Build two APCs from the Bases

Day 6:

  • Medium Tank: 5 East (along the road)
  • Load Infantry into undamaged APC
  • Both APC: East as far as they can go
  • Both Recons: Move to North of Medium Tank and North of damaged APC
  • Build Recon in West Base
  • Build Infantry in East Base

Day 7:

  • Use your CO Power
  • Attack Enemy Infantry on Allied Base with Recon from the North
  • Attack Enemy Infantry on Allied Base with Infantry from the South
  • Attack Rockets with your Medium Tank
  • Attack Second Rockets with your Recon
  • Attack Artillery with your Recon
  • Damaged APC: 5 East, 1 North
  • APC: 2 North, 4 East
  • Build two Recons from the Bases

Grit Day 7:

  • Empty APC may be destroyed (this is fine)

Day 8:

  • APC: Move 3 North, 3 East and Drop Infantry North
  • Attack Northern Enemy Rocket Launcher with North Recon
  • Recon: Move to South of APC
  • Medium Tank: Move to South of Recon
  • Recons built from Bases last turn: Move east along the road
  • Attack Enemy Infantry on Allied Base with Recon from the South
  • Attack Enemy Infantry on Allied Base with Infantry from the North
  • Build Recon from Base
  • Build Infantry from Base

Day 9:

  • Attack Southern Enemy Rockets with two Recons from the North and East
  • Attack Northern Enemy Rockets with Medium tank from the South
  • Capture the HQ with the Infantry

Day 10:

  • Finish Capturing the HQ with the Infantry