C02 – Gunfighter!

Mission 2 – Gunfighter!

CO Choice: Andy

Okay! Here I go!


Gunfighter HQ
Neutral 8 0
Orange Star Yes 5 2
Blue Moon Yes 6 0
Total 2 19 2 0 0

General Strategy

Speed Limit 10 days
Technique Limit *4 units
Power Limit 2 units

Gunfighter, things start to get tricky. Grit’s a powerful CO, and the map is designed to maximize his abilities, so you need to be careful. The first thing you should notice is that you get bases for deployment and he doesn’t, meaning you have a limitless number of units and he has a few selected ones. In other words, it’s downright impossible to lose this mission.

But don’t misunderstand, this mission CAN be a lot of trouble. The first thing you need to be very aware is Grit’s range. He’s got very well positioned Rockets and Artillery, so you should check it every turn. Don’t place your units in his range unless absolutely necessary, which should be never. The other thing you should always watch is his CO Power, which extends his range in two spaces and makes him even deadlier. Check his Power bar in the Intel -> CO screen, and play accordingly.

When it comes down to it, the mission is a tank/recon rush to take out his Indirects. The initial assault can be easily stopped by placing your tank between the two mountains and placing your artillery behind it; after that, it’s just building Tanks, Recons and the occasional Md. Tank. Around half of Grit’s forces will come to attack you, which you should beat without big problems. Remember at some point you WILL charge his Power, so you should be prepared for that, and remember all the fighting takes place outside of his range. The turn before his power, just pretend his Indirects have two more range than usual and place your units accordingly.

North of the river are some Infantries and Mechs, so you should build some Infantries and send them there to wipe them out and capture the cities. Place your APC below the river and use it to speed up your Infantries: you load the APC with them and drop them on the river, avoiding the terrain hindering. Around 3-4 soldiers should do the trick, but feel free to bring more (or less), and get your APC to join the main force as soon as it’s done.

The hardest part comes when you need to penetrate Grit’s base. Place your army outside Grit’s range and move all of it inside his range at once. Two Recons, or a Recon and a Tank make short work of his eastern Rocket, and you should place your APC inside the other Rocket’s range so it will fire at it over your other units. If you’re aiming for the HQ capture, it’s a tad tricky luring the Md. Tank away. You should bait it with a full tank, since Grit’ll be too afraid to hit it with his own tank. It takes some AI manipulation, but it’s doable, and it makes the rout a lot easier as well.

By the time you’ve finished both Rockets, Grit’s got nothing to scare you with. The tricky part is wrapping up under 10 days: you need to rush Grit without charging his Power. Recons, Tanks and a pair of Md. Tanks do the trick nicely. Good luck!

Stop calling me Junior!

Special thanks to all that contributed at AWCC. Maps by Sarumarine.

By Linkman 145