C05M – Sniper!

Mission 5 – Sniper!

CO Choice: Max

I can handle this!
This’ll be as easy as falling out of bed!
Note: You can only toggle fog by editing RAM


Sniper HQ
Neutral 2
Orange Star Yes 2
Blue Moon Yes 9
Total 2 13 0 0 0


Orange Star Blue Moon
2 1
2 1
2 1
1 4
1 3
Total 15 units 13 units

General Strategy

Speed Limit 7 days
Technique Limit 3 units
Power Limit 2 units

Well, I’d be lying if I said I really liked Max Strikes, but it’s a fun mission overall. It’s almost like Field Training, mainly because you get to use Max, arguably the strongest CO in the game. Just advance, without fear, and blast things as you see fit.

Your tanks rip through Olaf’s tanks. Take down the indirects when you can, and pick on the Md. Tanks with your own and they should be gone in no time. Do as the game says and dive your Subs at sea, and you’ve got them Battleships beaten. See, I told you it was like training.

You can go for the Lander and do a day 4 HQ capture, but it’s easier to do a rout in the same time and you can use your Lander as a decoy as well. Your indirects are worthless, but try and use the best you can, at least they’re not lacking in power. Be careful for the Blizzards (which will come awfully often, thanks to Olaf’s dying Battleships), and use Max Force as soon as you can. Piece of cake!

Day to Day Strategy

Day 1:

  • Attack the Md. Tank with your own Md. Tank.
  • Attack both Tanks with your own Tanks.
  • Move your HQ Md. Tank east.
  • Attack the Battleship with your Sub. Move your own Battleship next to it.
  • Move your other Sub east and dive it.
  • Take your Lander and move it 5S, 1E.
  • Load your APC and it to the eastern city. Drop east.
  • Move the rest of your units east as far as they can and end your turn.

Day 2:

  • Move your dived sub 1N1E to attack the eastern Battleship.
  • Use Max Force.
  • Move the non-diving sub between the two Battleships and attack the southern one. Finish the one of them with your own B-ship.
  • Move your Lander 2N1E.
  • Finish the damaged Tank with your Artillery.
  • Kill Olaf’s Artillery with one of your Tanks.
  • Attack the Road Infantry with your western Md. Tank (175%. Bwahaha.)
  • Use your Md. Tank to finish his Tank. Use your second Tank to attack his Rockets for MASSIVE DAMAGE. (Depending on AI, you might have to do the previous 3 actions on a different order.)
  • Use your Rockets to fire at the Infantry (or whatever they can hit.)
  • Move your APC 1S.
  • Move the rest of your units east and end your turn.

Day 3:

  • Use your Rockets to fire at the Infantry. Use your own Infantry to finish the job if necessary.
  • Clean up at Sea. You should at the very least strip him down to a single, crippled Battleship.
  • Use your western tank to attack his healthy Tank.
  • Attack his damaged Md. Tank with your western Md. Tank.
  • Kill his Artillery with your Md Tank. Finish the rockets with your remaining Tank.
  • Move your APC 2N, 4E. Move your Artillery 2E.
  • Move the rest of your units (specially your Mechs) east and end your turn.

Day 4:

  • Clean up. Finish up at sea, if you still haven’t.
  • Use your Indirects and Tanks to take out the remaining Tanks.
  • Use both of your Md. Tanks to take out his Md. Tank. Congrats, you’re done! It’s possible to do it in three days, but there’s no special message so you’d be doing it for accomplishment only.

That about wraps it up!

Special thanks to all that contributed at AWCC.

By Linkman 145