C10 – Mighty Kanbei!

Mission 10: Mighty Kanbei!

CO Choice: Max

Kanbei’s army is so cool!
That Kanbei is one tough cookie!
We can’t get careless


Mighty Kanbei HQ
Neutral 2 0
Orange Star Yes 6 3
Blue Moon Yes 12 0
Total 2 20 3 0 0

Detailed Strategy

Speed Limit 7 days

Player: Max
Enemy: Kanbei

This is a day-by-day walkthrough for getting 999 points on this mission with Max. Due to his poor rocket range, this is something of a harder task for him than for Andy or Sami. The southern front is fairly easy to do with only a few units, but the large number of units to destroy on the eastern front makes this difficult to do in the time limit.

Day 1:

  • Move Mid Tank next to enemy rocket. Do not attack.
  • Move north rocket next to your mid tank.
  • Move infantry one left, two up.
  • Attack artillery with south rocket.
  • Build infantry in eastern base
  • Build tank in southernmost base.

Day 2:

  • Destroy rocket with mid tank.
  • Destroy artillery with south rocket.
  • Attack artillery on east side with north rocket.
  • Begin capturing neutral cities.
  • Join damaged tanks.
  • Build Mid Tank in eastern base.

Day 3:

  • Attack northern of two southern Mid Tanks with south rocket.
  • Move north rocket one west.
  • Move damaged Mid Tank one west.
  • Join healthy Mid Tank to 1 HP Mid Tank.
  • Finish capturing cities.
  • Move mech 1 south.
  • Build tank in east base.

Day 4:

  • Use CO power.
  • Destroy damaged tank with southern tank.
  • Attack damaged mid tank with south rocket and mech, destroying it.
  • Attack mid tank with north rocket.
  • Have Mid Tank attack tank in front of it.
  • Attack Kanbei’s tank on road with your other tank.
  • Build anti-air in east base.

Day 5:

  • At this point, Kanbei should have a 1 HP tank and an 8 HP tank. They’ll join next turn, giving you one less unit to destroy.
  • Attack mid tank on southern front with south rocket.
  • Move west infantry all the way south.
  • Have Mid Tank attack tank in front of it.
  • Attack healthy mid tank with north rocket.
  • Move anti-air three east.
  • Build mid tank from east base.

Day 6:

  • Attack artillery with south rocket.
  • Attack mid tank with tank. (This is to help charge your power gauge.)
  • Move west infantry all the way south, next to tank. (The artillery will hit the infantry instead, keeping your tank alive and allowing you to get full Technique.)
  • Have Mid Tank on bridge attack tank in front of it.
  • Attack Mid Tank on road with rocket.
  • Move anti-air one south two east, destroying infantry on forest.
  • Move new Mid Tank three east.
  • Build tank or anti-air from east base.
  • Build recon from southernmost base.
  • If funds permit, (i.e., you made a tank), build infantry from remaining base – this is your 15th unit, allowing you to lose three. (Can be done tomorrow instead.)

Day 7:

Final day!

  • Kanbei should have attacked your Mid Tank with his damaged one.
  • Destroy mid tank with south rocket.
  • This should charge your CO power, so use it!
  • Destroy the south artillery with the damaged tank or recon.
  • Destroy Kanbei’s damaged mid tank with your damaged mid tank.
  • Destroy Kanbei’s infantry with tank or anti-air. (Tank does 99% damage with CO power on.)
  • Destroy Kanbei’s tank with other mid tank.
  • Build if you aren’t at 15 units now.
  • Destroy Kanbei’s artillery with north rockets.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel, picture by Sarumarine.
Notes: There is a guide in AW Revival you can check for Andy. There is none for Sami, though.