C10 – Mighty Kanbei!

Mission 10: Mighty Kanbei!

Player: Max
Enemy: Kanbei

This is a day-by-day walkthrough for getting 999 points on this
mission with Max. Due to his poor rocket range, this is something of a
harder task for him than for Andy or Sami. The southern front is
fairly easy to do with only a few units, but the large number of units
to destroy on the eastern front makes this difficult to do in the time

Day 1: Move Mid Tank next to enemy rocket. Do not attack.
Move north rocket next to your mid tank.
Move infantry one left, two up.
Attack artillery with south rocket.
Build infantry in eastern base, tank in southernmost.

Day 2: Destroy rocket with mid tank.
Destroy artillery with south rocket.
Attack artillery on east side with north rocket.
Begin capturing neutral cities.
Join damaged tanks.
Build Mid Tank in eastern base.

Day 3: Attack northern of two southern Mid Tanks with south rocket.
Move north rocket one west.
Move damaged Mid Tank one west.
Join healthy Mid Tank to 1 HP Mid Tank.
Finish capturing cities.
Move mech 1 south.
Build tank in east base.

Day 4: Use CO power.
Destroy damaged tank with southern tank.
Attack damaged mid tank with south rocket and mech, destroying it.
Attack mid tank with north rocket.
Have Mid Tank attack tank in front of it.
Attack Kanbei’s tank on road with your other tank.
Build anti-air in east base.

Day 5: At this point, Kanbei should have a 1 HP tank and an 8 HP
tank. They’ll join next turn, giving you one less unit to destroy.
Attack mid tank on southern front with south rocket.
Move west infantry all the way south.
Have Mid Tank attack tank in front of it.
Attack healthy mid tank with north rocket.
Move anti-air three east.
Build mid tank from east base.

Day 6: Attack artillery with south rocket.
Attack mid tank with tank. (This is to help charge your power gauge.)
Move west infantry all the way south, next to tank. (The artillery
will hit the infantry instead, keeping your tank alive and allowing
you to get full Technique.)
Have Mid Tank on bridge attack tank in front of it.
Attack Mid Tank on road with rocket.
Move anti-air one south two east, destroying infantry on forest.
Move new Mid Tank three east.
Build tank or anti-air from east base.
Build recon from southernmost base.
If funds permit, (i.e., you made a tank), build infantry from
remaining base – this is your 15th unit, allowing you to lose
three. (Can be done tomorrow instead.)

Day 7: Final day!
Kanbei should have attacked your Mid Tank with his damaged one.
Destroy mid tank with south rocket.
This should charge your CO power, so use it!
Destroy the south artillery with the damaged tank or recon.
Destroy Kanbei’s damaged mid tank with your damaged mid tank.
Destroy Kanbei’s infantry with tank or anti-air. (Tank does 99%
damage with CO power on.)
Destroy Kanbei’s tank with other mid tank.
Build if you aren’t at 15 units now.
Destroy Kanbei’s artillery with north rockets.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel, picture by Sarumarine.