Field Training 07 – Copter Tactics

Mission 7 – Copter Tactics
It’s time to introduce air units.

Briefing: It appears that we have a problem. Orange Star has hit a snag in its Md Tank development program. On the other hand, Blue Moon seems to have more than enough tanks… I think it’s safe to assume they have mass production capabilities. I pulled some strings and had some B copters and T copters sent down from the frontlines, but that doesn’t give you all that much firepower. Nevertheless, let’s make good use of them. I’ll give you more details once we reach the staging area. Let’s move out!

Neutral 0
Orange Star Yes 3
Blue Moon Yes 8
Total 2 11 0 0 0

Perfect Speed: 3 days

Now, this mission is rather easy. You’ll be instructed by Nell to move you transport copter below, right next to Olaf’s HQ; After that, all you need to do is capture it to win. Olaf won’t be there in time, so it’s a guaranteed victory.

However, if you feel up to task, you could try and win this battle by defeating all enemy units. It’s possible, but quite hard to do, so I don’t recommend it if you’re still in the learning phase. If you still want to, go here.

After the Battle

I kind of wondered about this before, but Olaf typically makes terrible use of his units… It doesn’t matter how good your units are if you don’t know how to use them. Anyways, let me tell you a bit more about those new air units. Even if you land them on allied cities and HQs, they won’t recover HP or be supplied with fuel or ammunition. You haven’t see any yet, but you can only resupply air units at airports. If they run low on fuel and ammo, you can restock them with an APC, just like land units. Now, keep up the good work!
What in the… My HQ has been stormed! Nell, you troublesome little… You saw that you couldn’t survive a frontal assault, and so you pull this out of your hat! Grrr… This isn’t over yet!
Way to go, Advisor! You won!

Winning this mission by rout is not an easy task, and you can probably kiss that shiny A-rank goodbye. This task is probably worthy of a low-rank Advance Campaign mission… So fair warning, kiddos.

Well, there’s a reason the mission is hard; attacking four Md Tanks frontally is nothing but suicide. So in this mission, what you’ll do is wait for them to come and blast them away with your artillery. Your artillery becomes the most important unit in your rather tiny arsenal, so don’t waste it.

Take advantage of the chokepoint your battalion starts in; park a tank and a mech in the two outer cities, and place the artillery right in-between. Keep all the other units close, so when one of your shields is about to die, you replace him quickly with another one. Have your B-Copter destroy the other B-copter as soon as possible, and when he’s done, do your best to have it destroy the enemy artillery. With those two units done, you can wait for Olaf safely in your chokepoint.

So your day 2 should look somewhat like this:

Notice how the B-copter is luring out the enemy B-copter, to reduce damage taken to the maximum. This is vital. Also notice the T-copter, which will come in handy as a decoy.

After Olaf has moved his B-copter in, attack it with yours; then park your T-copter next to it. Olaf’s B-copter will focus on taking down your T-copter, and will waste 3 or 4 days at it, which frees your own B-copter to take care of the artillery.

Don’t be embarrassed to attack; when Olaf’s foot soldiers have arrived, take the offensive and attack them with your infantry before they can attack you. Olaf’s last two Md Tanks will take a while to get there, since they were after your HQ-capturing infantry, so you will have some days to breathe after taking down the first wave of Md Tanks. Try to lose as few infantry as possible, and make sure your tank is in full HP when the second wave arrives.

If you did what I told you and destroyed the Artillery with your B-copter, then the enemy Md Tanks have probably attacked your B-copter. This is not such a bad thing; it gives you much needed room in the chokepoint. What you do now is take your T-copter (which you should be around 1 HP by now) and move it far right, so the B-copter will go for it.

So your day 6 should look somewhat like this:

Notice the APC not in range of the B-copter. During the next turn, your B-copter should be able to go and finish up the enemy B-copter in a turn or two, and all you have to do now is wait for Olaf’s troops to come to you while you blast them away with your artillery. Remember the enemy will prioritize APCs above all others, so put your APC to work at this point.

Day 8:

After this, Olaf will probably join his remaining Md Tanks, which makes the battle a lot easier. With only one, half HP Md Tank to worry about (you get to hit with your Artillery, of course!), the battle is practically won. The tank you have been taking care of so much will do the cleaning at this point, since chances are some infantry and mechs ran back to heal.

Congratulations! You have beaten Copter Tactics by rout!

After the Battle

You routed the enemy? Amazing! I have to admit, I didn’t think you could destroy them all! Keep up the good work! Outstanding!
All of my beautiful units… gone? Impossible! Nell couldn’t possibly do this on her own. Grrr… This isn’t over yet!
Way to go, Advisor! You won!