WR1-02: Moji Island

Moji Island Guide

Recommended CO: Anybody

Opponent: Grit

Perfect Speed: 14 days

Points: 999pt S-rank

Days: 10


Moji Island HQ
Neutral 17 2
Orange Star Yes 5 3
Blue Moon Yes 2 3
Total 2 24 8 0 0

Overview: In a rare instance, ALL COs can follow this exact strategy without any special modifications. The only requirement is that you keep as many units outside Grit’s range as possible until Day 8.

Day 1:

  • Build APC in E base.
  • Build Infantry in all remaining bases.

Day 2:

  • Move S Infantry 3E.
  • Load Infantry into APC and move APC 1S 4E and drop Infantry east.
  • Build Tank in S base.

Day 3:

  • Move E Infantry 2S 1E and begin capturing neutral base.
  • Load Infantry into APC and move APC 1S 2E.
  • Move Tank 5E.
  • Build Tank in S base.

Day 4:

  • Finish capturing neutral base. This will be called the SE base.
  • Move APC 2S 1E.
  • Move E Tank 1S 2E.
  • Move remaining Tank 5E.
  • Build Tank in S base.

Day 5:

  • Move APC 3S and drop Infantry west, unless Grit’s vehicles can attack the Infantry.
  • Move remaining Infantry 2S.
  • Move easternmost Tank 2S 1E.
  • Move E Tank 1S 2E.
  • Move remaining Tank 5E.
  • Build Tank in SE base.

Day 6:

  • Save here.

At this point, Grit is inconsistent with unit movement, which ends the day-to-day walkthrough.

Starting on Day 6, continue building Tanks from the SE base and Infantry in your HQ bases. This allows you to lose up to two units for the technique score.

If you cannot get your units to distract any of Grit’s indirect units, remember that an APC can be used to distract one, if not both of them.

If Grit sends an Artillery unit in the forest area, one Infantry unit can be used to distract it. When Grit builds two Artillery units on Day 6, keep out of their range. The two of them should head south and leave your army alone.

To minimize the number of enemy units Grit keeps in front of your army, minimize the number of units that can be attacked. If Grit’s units cannot find a target, they will move away from the HQ area or away from your army.

You have three days to move your units in range of Grit’s HQ, because one of your two Infantry must be in range of Grit’s HQ on Day 8. On Day 9, Grit builds a Rocket unit without fail, allowing your Infantry to begin the HQ capture unhindered and finish easily on Day 10.

You need to destroy two units for the power score. The Infantry units south of the SE base should provide one, if not two easy targets.

by DTaeKim