WR1-05: Pivot Isle

Pivot Isle Guide

Recommended CO: Anybody but Kanbei
Opponent: Eagle
Speed Requirement: 15 days
Points: 999pt S-rank
Days: 8


Pivot Isle HQ
Neutral 8 3 2 2
Orange Star Yes 3 3 0 1
Blue Moon Yes 6 4 2 0
Total 2 17 10 4 3

Overview: With an APC bait, everyone but Kanbei can capture Eagle’s HQ in 8 days. Yes, even Grit can match the speed of Sami. Send one Infantry to capture Eagle’s HQ and lure Eagle’s units to your HQ with the use of an APC and Infantry. Two Tanks and one Anti-Air will provide the power score.

Kanbei cannot follow this walkthrough due to his deployment costs. With him, simply force your way to Eagle’s HQ.

Any CO can do this fine, but Max can obtain the power score with little sweat.

Day 1:

  • Build Infantry in NE base.

Day 2:

  • Build Lander in port.
  • Load Infantry in Lander.

Day 3:

  • Move Lander 6E.
  • Build APC in NE base.

Eagle’s Day 3:

  • Eagle MUST move his B-copter west.

Day 4:

  • Move Lander 6E.
  • Build Lander in port.
  • Load APC into Lander.

Eagle’s Day 4:

  • Eagle should move his Anti-Air and Tank west.

Day 5:

  • Move western Lander 3E 3S and drop APC south.
  • Move remaining Lander 2E 4S and drop Infantry east.
  • Build Infantry in both eastern bases.
  • Build Tank in western base.

Eagle’s Day 5:

  • Eagle MUST move his Anti-Air and Tank west. If not, restart.
  • Eagle may move his Artillery 1S of your Lander.

Day 6:

  • Move Tank 1E 5S.
  • Move both eastern base Infantry 1S.
  • Load APC into Lander and move Lander 3W 3N.
  • Move remaining Infantry as far south as possible.
  • If Eagle’s Artillery is 1S of your Lander, move Lander 1E 1N.
  • Build Tank in SW base.
  • Build Infantry in both eastern bases.

Day 7:

  • Move southern Tank 2S 2W. If attacked, retreat wounded Tank 3N 1W.
  • Move Tank 1E 5S.
  • Join wounded Infantry with any healthy Infantry.
  • Begin capturing Eagle’s HQ with remaining Infantry.
  • Retreat wounded Lander north.
  • Build Anti-Air in any base.

Eagle’s Day 7:

  • Sometimes, his Anti-Air will attack your Tank.

Day 8:

  • Destroy Eagle’s B-Copter with Anti-Air and available Infantry.
  • Destroy any one unit with your two Tanks.
  • Finish capturing Eagle’s HQ.

by DTaeKim