WR1-13: Twin Isle

Twin Isle Guide

Recommended CO: Anybody
Opponent: Kanbei
Speed Requirement: 20 days
Points: 999pt S-rank
Days: 11-12


Twin Isle HQ
Neutral 19 3
Orange Star Yes 0 2
Blue Moon Yes 10 3
Total 2 29 8 0 0

Overview: Distract Kanbei’s units while you sneak a loaded APC to his HQ. Kanbei’s movement is random, which makes an exact D2D impossible. The only important movement is the APC, while the rest of the movement is left at your discretion. Save frequently. The technique score is the most difficult to obtain, because you can only lose two units and one of those two units is likely to be your unloaded APC that serves as bait once the Infantry is unloaded. Only two units need to be destroyed, which makes the power score obtainable. Join your wounded Infantry with healthy Infantry constantly in order to avoid ruining your technique score.

Kanbei cannot follow this walkthrough exactly because of his increased deployment costs, but the idea remains the same. He simply deploys his APC one day later, but he needs more favorable movement to pull off the capture in 12 days. Sami is the best CO for this map, but a faster strategy exists for her which is not detailed in this guide. Any CO not named Max will probably have an easier time because indirect units are worth their weight in gold on this map.

Day 1:

  • Build Infantry in both bases.

Day 2:

  • Move northern Infantry 2E and begin capturing neutral city.
  • Move southern Infantry 1E 2S and begin capturing neutral city.
  • Build Infantry in both bases.

Day 3:

  • Finish capturing neutral cities.
  • Move northern Infantry 1N 2E.
  • Move southern Infantry 2N 1E.
  • Build APC in northern base. If Kanbei, build Infantry in both bases.

Day 4:

  • Save here.
  • Move APC 1N 5E.
  • Move southern Infantry 1E and begin capturing neutral city.
  • Move all northern Infantry 2E 1N.
  • Build Infantry in both bases. If Kanbei, build APC in northern base.

Kanbei Day 4:

  • It is HIGHLY recommended his Tanks move as far west as possible.
  • Kanbei MUST build his Md. Tank in the southwest base.

Day 5:

  • If the above happens, save here.
  • Finish capturing neutral city.
  • Move both northern Infantry 3E and begin capturing neutral cities.
  • Load remaining northern Infantry into APC and move APC 6E.
  • Move northern base Infantry 2E.
  • Move southern base Infantry 2W 1S and begin capturing neutral city.

This concludes the detailed walkthrough. Follow the strategies below to maximize the chances of earning the perfect S-rank.

Every day, move the APC towards Kanbei’s HQ as far as you can without entering his attack range. The APC must be in position to drop the Infantry on day 9 because Kanbei is scripted to build a Tank on day 12, which is the final day to finish the capture.

The more units Kanbei sends to your HQ area, the better your chances of capturing Kanbei’s HQ. You can lure his units to the northwest by placing an Infantry or two in the range of his Tanks.

Kanbei should continue to produce Md. Tanks, Rockets, and the like from the two southwestern bases. This is the reason why the HQ capture is possible in the first place.

Continue to capture more neutral properties and build at least one Infantry every turn. You should have two Artillery units and maybe a couple of Tanks to help with the power score.

Maintain an Infantry wall south of the two cities east of your northern base. A Kanbei Tank cannot OHKO your Infantry on a road and a Kanbei Md. Tank cannot OHKO your Infantry on a city. Remember that an Infantry on inferior terrain will draw fire first and a Tank will move before a Md. Tank.

If Kanbei brings his Rockets in range of your Infantry, do not hesitate to retreat. As long as you keep your Infantry on cities or mountains, he cannot hurt your technique score. On the other hand, if you need those Rocket units to stay put, keep the Infantry there and join when necessary.

You only need to destroy two Kanbei units, because Kanbei prefers to build high-tech units. Do not destroy any of them until the final day. This decreases the chances of Kanbei building a unit near his HQ.

If Kanbei has no direct units in range of the area south of the six central cities, your APC is home free. On the other hand, if Kanbei can attack your APC with one Tank, check to see if you can move to the square 2W 1N of Kanbei’s northeastern base. If Kanbei can only attack your APC with one Tank, a 12-day capture is possible by dropping the Infantry south onto the mountain. The Tank will attack the APC, and with luck, ignore the Infantry once the APC is destroyed.

by DTaeKim