WR1-10: Mial’s Hope

Mial’s Hope Guide

Recommended CO: Anybody
Opponent: Eagle
Speed Requirement: 14 days
Points: 999pt S-rank
Days: 9-11


Mial's Hope HQ
Neutral 17 5 5
Orange Star Yes 2 4 2
Blue Moon Yes 10 5 2
Total 2 29 14 9 0

Overview: Send a loaded T-copter and Fighter to Eagle’s HQ while he sends his entire army towards your HQ. Tanks and Anti-Air units will provide the power score, and if necessary, build an APC or two to distract Eagle’s forces.

Kanbei cannot follow this walkthrough exactly, but he has the same idea. He deploys his Fighter one day later. As usual, Max makes this map a piece of cake.

You need to destroy three units for the power score, and you can only lose two units to maintain technique.

Day 1:

  • Build T-copter in E airport.
  • Build Infantry in NE and SE base.

Day 2:

  • Move northeast Infantry 3E and begin capturing neutral city.
  • Load Infantry into T-copter and move T-copter 3E 3S.

Day 3:

  • Finish capturing neutral city.
  • Move T-copter 3E 3S.
  • Build Fighter in E airport.

Day 4:

  • Move Infantry 3E.
  • Move T-copter 6E.
  • Move Fighter 7E 2S.
  • Build Tank in NE base.

Day 5:

  • Save here.
  • Move Infantry 1E and begin capturing neutral city.
  • Move Fighter 5E 4S.
  • Move T-copter as far east and south as possible without entering enemy attack range.
  • Move Tank 4E.
  • Build Anti-Air in NE base.

At this point, Eagle’s movement is too random for a specific D2D walkthrough.

When Eagle’s HQ does not have any units adjacent to it, you may drop the Infantry at that point. This usually happens on Day 8. First, check the surrounding area. Do not move the T-copter or drop the Infantry into enemy attack range. It will draw the attention of Eagle’s forces, ruining the capture. If an Anti-Air is in the area, you may block the Anti-Air if it heads towards the Infantry and as a last resort, sacrifice your T-copter as bait. However, if he consistently ruins your HQ capture, restart the map and try again. It takes a bit of luck to pull this off.

Retreat your HQ forces when Eagle moves to attack. If an attack is inevitable, build an APC or two to distract Eagle’s forces. You may lose up to two units, but you will need to build Infantry to make the technique score, and you will have a smaller margin of error if you used your T-copter as bait.

Do NOT attack Eagle’s forces until the final day. This gives more time for Eagle to bring three units into your attack range and prevents Eagle from rebuilding his units at his HQ.

by DTaeKim