C1-00 Advance Wars Campaign Speed Limits

These are the speed limits for each map. To obtain 100 points in Speed ranking, you must complete the map in the number of days listed or less.

MapCasual DifficultyClassic DifficultyChallenge Difficulty
Tank Ops8 Days7 Days8 Days
Copter Tactics3 Days3 Days5 Days
Fog Of War6 Days6 Days6 Days
It's War10 Days8 Days9 Days
Gunfighter11 Days10 Days15 Days
Air Ace7 Days7 Days8 Days
Max Strikes (Andy)7 Days7 Days7 Days
Max Strikes (Max)6 Days6 Days6 Days
Max's Folly6 Days6 Days6 Days
Sniper7 Days7 Days7 Days
Olaf's Navy6 Days6 Days8 Days
Blizzard Battle10 Days8 Days10 Days
Olaf's Sea Strike11 Days11 Days11 Days
History Lesson12 Days7 Days7 Days
Sami's Debut9 Days9 Days13 Days
Kanbei Arrives6 Days6 Days7 Days
Mighty Kanbei8 Days7 Days8 Days
Kanbei's Error11 Days11 Days11 Days
Divide & Conquer12 Days8 Days10 Days
Sami Marches On10 Days10 Days10 Days
Sonja's Goal12 Days12 Days9 Days
Captain Drake (Andy)11 Days11 Days11 Days
Captain Drake (Max)7 Days6 Days6 Days
Captain Drake (Sami)12 Days11 Days18 Days
Naval Clash (Andy)10 Days10 Days10 Days
Naval Clash (Max)9 Days9 Days8 Days
Naval Clash (Sami)12 Days12 Days9 Days
Wings of Victory (Andy)8 Days8 Days7 Days
Wings of Victory (Max)7 Days7 Days6 Days
Wings of Victory (Sami)9 Days9 Days8 Days
Battle Mystery (Andy)12 Days12 Days7 Days
Battle Mystery (Max)11 Days11 Days11 Days
Battle Mystery (Sami)8 Days8 Days8 Days
Andy Times Two10 Days8 Days7 Days
Enigma20 Days18 Days22 Days
The Final Battle12 Days (Andy, Kanbei)
13 Days (Max, Sami, Olaf, Grit, Eagle, Drake)
12 Days (Andy, Kanbei)
13 Days (Max, Sami, Olaf, Grit, Eagle, Drake)
12 Days (Andy)
15 Days (Max, Sami, Olaf, Grit, Eagle, Drake, Kanbei)
Rivals21 Days21 Days35 Days*