C2-00 Advance Wars 2 Campaign Speed Limits

These are the speed limits for each map. To obtain 100 points in Speed ranking, you must complete the map in the number of days listed or less.

MapCasual DifficultyClassic DifficultyChallenge Difficulty
Cleanup8 Days8 Days--
Border Skirmish8 Days8 Days10 Days
Orange Dawn7 Days6 Days34 Days*
Flak Attack8 Days8 Days--
Lash Out7 Days7 Days--
Andy's Time12 Days12 Days17 Days
Mountain Ops----19 Days
Sea For All----8 Days
POW Rescue----17 Days
Test of Time7 Days7 Days7 Days
Liberation18 Days15 Days12 Days
Toy Box20 Days18 Days27 Days
Tanks!!!8 Days8 Days8 Days
Reclamation17 Days17 Days20 Days
T-Minus 1515 Days15 Days13 Days
Two Week Test15 Days15 Days15 Days
Nature Walk15 Days15 Days12 Days
Neotanks!?14 Days14 Days12 Days
Factory Blues15 Days18 Days21 Days
Silo Scramble19 Days19 Days18 Days
Show Stopper25 Days23 Days38 Days*
Sensei's Return18 Days18 Days22 Days
Duty & Honor14 Days14 Days12 Days
A Mirror Darkly12 Days12 Days10 Days
Foul Play15 Days12 Days13 Days
Sea of Hope18 Days18 Days18 Days
The Hunt's End25 Days21 Days27 Days
Sea Fortress10 Days8 Days8 Days
Drake's Dilemma22 Days16 Days16 Days
Sinking Feeling15 Days15 Days17 Days
To The Rescue14 Days11 Days12 Days
Navy Vs. Air28 Days28 Days28 Days
Rain of Fire22 Days22 Days29 Days
Danger Times Nine9 Days9 Days9 Days
Great Sea Battle25 Days25 Days21 Days
Hot Pursuit21 Days21 Days20 Days
Final Front25 Days25 Days25 Days