C04: Reclaim the Skies!

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Normal Campaign Guide

Mission 4: Reclaim the Skies!

Player: Rachel (Orange Star)
Enemy: Jugger (Black Hole)
Terms: Rout the enemy

Simple stuff here. You want the give fighters first priority when killing
stuff; otherwise they’ll simply around the map until they run out of fuel
with their superior movement. So the missiles should take care of the first
fighter with two Anti Airs taking out the other, and the last Anti Air
crippling the Bomber (if you have the brawler/bruiser skills you can kill
it). The tank will be easy to kill, just snipe it with the rockets and kill
it with the tank. Run away with your T-Copter as the enemy B-Copter can kill
it one shot most of the time. For day two you want to move your Anti Airs
forward towards the Bomber and/or B-Copter and then finish them day 3. It’s
possible to do this in 2 days but I forgot how.

Strategy by Banzo803. Map image by Tsuruya.