C05: Neverending War

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Normal Campaign Guide

Mission 5: Neverending War

Player: Rachel/Jake/Max (Orange Star)
Enemy: Koal (Black Hole)
Terms: Rout the enemy or capture their Headquarters

Hmm, so you got a Medium Tank to take care of. This mission is the first
where you can build stuff, but your tech is quite poor so you’ll have to
beat up the Md tank with Artillery. First let’s discuss CO choice.

Jake: A good overall CO. He can get an OHKO on the early Recon that attacks
you with a tank, which proved to be incredibly helpful for me when getting
the speed score. His powers can devastate the enemy forces, especially with
the +2 range to his Artillery. A fine choice.

Rachel: Possible the best CO to choose. Her SCOP covering fire will
absolutely decimate the enemy Medium tank (which will from here on be
referred to as the Md Tank) and her COP will be awesome too. Um… Rachel, woo.

Max: Horrible CO to choose for this mission. His lowered range with
in-directs will make killing the MD Tank an absolute chore. The tanks won’t
do enough to make use of his extra direct killing power, so give Max a miss
for this mission.

OK. Move the Mechs down the mountain, but keep them safe from fire. Capture
the closest city and start cranking out tanks and Artillery. You want to
build up a choke at bridge up north with a couple of tanks (no more than 3)
and start getting some artillery ready. Move your tanks out of the Mech’s
range as to preserve funds (watch out for Koal’s powers, as they can give
his Mech’s the moving power to hit your tanks, or even worse artillery).

For the bottom part, just lure in the tank and Anti Air which came down with
a Mech and destroy them with your tanks and Mechs. Once they’re gone, start
capturing the base and cities around it (don’t lure in the Md tank at all
costs, watch out for Koal’s powers). Get a tank ready around the east side
in between the mountains, but keep it out of range.

Once you’re ready setting up (shouldn’t take more than 7 days to get 3 or so
Artillery and a couple of shielding tanks ready up north), move across,
keeping the Artillery out of Md tank’s range by blocking with tanks. The Md
Tank will come charging in and attacking your regular tanks. At this point
proceed to use your S/COP and pound the tank to death. Your eastern tank
should now move and attack (hopefully kill with the aid of Rachel’s or
Jake’s S/COP) the lone artillery. Not a hard mission but I found it rather
difficult to get the perfect speed score (9 days).

Strategy by Banzo803. Map image by Tsuruya.