S-M07: Triple Threat

Money Survival Guide

Mission 7: Triple Threat

Enemy CO: Grimm

General strategy: When you first look at the mission you will think something like: “Damn, how am I going to clear this level without wasting too much money. That Grimm dude has way too many powerful units!” Well I can help you my friend. With this strat you will complete this mission with only spending 30000G. In the first turn you will have to build a bomber and a Anti-air. You’ll need a CO with strong enough air-units to blow up the seam or else it’s impossible to do this strat. When you broke the seam behind you, you need to shield your bomber with the three infantries. The next turn you send you bomber as much north as you can. The third day you will have to break the north seam with you bomber. Then you will send your Anti-air to the middle. You have to use the Anti-air as a stop. When Grimm has a fighter for your Anti-air he won’t move it. That will make you completely safe for his air units. So now your bomber can dominate without being blasted to smithereens by Grimm’s air-units. Your bomber might run out of fuel, but if you don’t care for your rank you can wait for the fighters to crash. You can then use the airport to refuel. But if you don’t mind spending some more funds you can always buy an APC. It gets your infantry faster to his HQ too.

Strategy by Frankdeslimste.