WR3-12: Toil Ferry

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 12: Toil Ferry

Score achieved: 300 pts, 7 days
100-pt. time limit: 24 days
Player CO: Anyone
Enemy CO(s): Hawke
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: Send two T-Copters, one loaded with the HQ-capturing Infantry, to Hawke’s HQ to act as bait. The power score is gotten by a B-Copter and a Fighter and/or Submarine.

The Tank or Submarine build on Day 5 causes Hawke to build only 1 Missile, giving you a clean capture.

For full Power, you need to destroy 2 units. These vary for different COs.

For full Technique, you can only lose 1 unit, which is a sacrificial T-Copter. This will be harder for Grimm as his other T-Copter can be 2HKOed by Hawke’s Mech, so he needs to abuse luck to make sure the T-Copter takes as little damage as possible.

Note: I will use “weak”, “bland” and “strong” to refer to certain COs. These descriptors are base on their air units’ attack. For reference:
Weak: Colin, Drake, Grit, Jess, Sami
Bland: Everyone not listed in the other groups. Kanbei is not in this group.
Strong: Eagle, Grimm, Hawke, Max, Von Bolt
Kanbei’s instructions will be listed separately.

Day 1:

– Build a T-Copter in the east airport.
– Build an Infantry in the base next to it.
– (Kanbei, Weak: Build an Infantry in the other southeast base.)

Day 2:

– (Kanbei, Weak: Move the southeast base Infantry 3E and start capturing the port.)
– Load the Infantry onto the T-Copter. Move the T-Copter 6E.
– Build a T-Copter at the east airport.
– (Kanbei, Weak: Build an Infantry at the base next to the T-Copter.)
– Save.

Hawke Day 2:

– When he drops an Infantry on the north side of the map, his B-Copter must be east of it.

Day 3:

– (Kanbei, Weak: Finish capturing the port.)
– Move the loaded T-Copter 3N 3E.
– (Kanbei, Weak: Load the Infantry onto the T-Copter.)
– Move the other T-Copter 6E.
– Build a B-Copter at the east airport.

Hawke Day 3:

– His T-Copter must be 1N of his HQ.
– His Tank and Anti-Air must move west.

Day 4:

– Move both T-Copters 6N.
– (Kanbei, Weak: For the middle T-Copter, drop the Infantry S.)
– Move the B-Copter 6E.
– Build a Fighter in the east airport. (Kanbei, Weak: Don’t build it, and leave the port Infantry where it is.)
– Save.

Hawke Day 4:

– He must build a B-Copter and a Mech.

Day 5:

– Move the loaded T-Copter 1N 5E. Drop the Infantry W.
– Move the B-Copter 2S 4E. (Kanbei: Don’t move it.)
– Move the Fighter 2N 7E. (Kanbei, Weak: Ignore this step.)
– Move the remaining T-Copter 4N 2W. (Kanbei: Move it 3N 2W. Weak: Move it 1N.)
– Build a Tank at the most southeastern base. (Kanbei, Weak: Move the port Infantry 2N and build a Submarine at the southeast port.)
– (Kanbei, Weak: Start capturing the base in the middle island.)

Hawke Day 5:

– He must move his Lander southwest. (Kanbei, Strong: He must move his Lander southeast, dropping his Tank and Anti-Air. Weak: He can also move his Lander southwest and drop the units while the Lander is over the southeast shoal.)
– He must build only 1 Missile.
– (Grimm: His Mech must do 4 damage to your T-Copter.)

Day 6:

– Start capturing Hawke’s HQ.
– Move the damaged T-Copter 1N 1W.
– Move the Fighter 7N 2W. (Kanbei, Weak: Ignore this step.)
– Move the B-Copter next to Hawke’s T-Copter. (Kanbei: Move the B-Copter 2N 4E. Strong: Move it 4N 1E. Weak: If the Lander went southwest then attack the T-Copter, otherwise move it 4N 1E.)
– (Weak, Kanbei: Move the Submarine 5E and dive it.)
– (Kanbei: Finish capturing the base.
– Move the 1/2HP T-Copter 5S 1E.)
– (Weak: Move the Infantry 1W and start capturing the city.
– Build a Fighter in the east airport.)
– Save.

Hawke Day 6:

– He must leave his T-Copter and B-Copter in range of your attacking units.
– (Weak: B-Copter and Lander are also possible, but the Lander must be in range of both the B-Copter and Submarine. Kanbei: T-Copter and Lander.)

Day 7:

– Save.
– Destroy 2 of Hawke’s units.
– Build 4 or more units for Technique if need be.
– Finish capturing Hawke’s HQ.

Strategy by DxDyDzD, with additional credits to -STL-.