WR3-13: Twin Isle

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 13: Twin Isle

Score achieved: 300 pts, 21+ days
100-pt. time limit: 27 days
Player CO: Anyone except Kanbei
Enemy CO(s): Jess
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: Jess’ advantage is massive. You’re going to spend a good amount of time fighting to break even, and then even less time rushing towards her HQ while minimizing losses. You’re going to send two loaded APCs towards the southwestern neutral bases and one loaded APC towards the eastern neutral bases. Build a Megatank and hold off Jess’ forces until you can get enough big units to blast your way towards her HQ. Use Artillery and the occasional Rockets to keep her from entering your territory. Except plenty of restarts. You have been warned.

Kanbei cannot follow this D2D because of his increased costs. However, he is NOT a bad choice because of his increased defense allows his Infantry to survive a Neotank. I won’t go into a strategy for Kanbei in this guide since it is a drastic change.

The best CO choice here is Colin for his discounts. Jess and Andy aren’t bad choices either. Avoid Grimm unless you’re a masochist.

Day 1:

– Build APC in southern base.
– Build Infantry in northern base.

Day 2:

– Load Infantry into APC and move APC 1S 5E.
– Build APC in southern base.
– Build Infantry in northern base.

Day 3:

– Move eastern APC 4S.
– Load Infantry into APC and move APC 1S 5E.
– Build APC in NORTHERN base.
– Build Infantry in southern base.

Day 4:

– Save here.
– Move southern APC 3W and drop Infantry S.
– Move eastern APC 4S.
– Load Infantry into APC and move APC 1N 5E.
– Build two Infantry.

Jess Day 4:

– Neotank MUST take the northern route towards the neutral bases.

Day 5:

– Capture southern neutral base with Infantry.
– Move unloaded APC 1S 1E.
– Move loaded southern APC 3W and drop Infantry S.
– Move northern APC 6E and drop Infantry E.
– Capture neutral city with southern Infantry.
– Move northern Infantry 1N 2E.
– Build two Infantry.

Day 6:

– Finish capturing neutral city and base.
– Begin capturing northern base.
– Move south APC 1W.
– Move the most northeastern Infantry 1E 2S and begin capturing neutral base.
– Move northeastern Infantry 3E.
– Move northern Infantry 1N 2E.
– Move remaining Infantry 2N 1E.
– Do NOT build anything.

Day 7:

– Move APC 1S.
– Finish capturing neutral bases.
– Move southern Infantry 1N 1E onto mountain.
– Move eastern Infantry 2E 1S and begin capturing neutral city.
– Move remaining Infantry 3E.
– Do NOT build anything.

Jess Day 7:

– She must NOT block both bases with her units.

Day 8:

– If both Infantry survived, JOIN them.
– Build a Megatank in the unoccupied SW base.
– Finish capturing neutral cities.
– Move eastern Infantry 1N and begin capturing neutral base.
– Begin capturing neutral cities.
– If the NE base is outside of enemy attack range, build an Infantry. Otherwise, do not build anything.

The greatest problem with this strategy is that you begin with four destroyed units. If you lose any more than nine units in the match, you should just restart. It’s too difficult building enough units to maintain perfect technique once you start losing that many.

The Megatank’s goal is to destroy as many units in the SW area. Keep that thing healthy. Don’t hesitate to use a base to repair the Megatank during your attacks. Once you’ve cleared the area of any immediate threats, move the Megatank towards the central area.

In the NW area, you might have units knocking at your door. Build two Infantry at first, then two Artillery units when you get the chance. The Artillery should be enough to deter another attack.

In the NE area, try to finish capturing the areas. If a Recon comes along, continue to build Infantry; it’s the best case scenario. If a Tank comes along, build a Tank. If a Neotank comes along, restart. It’s too much trouble to fend off Neotanks at two locations.

By day 15, you should have a steady swarm of Infantry escorted by the Artillery and a Rocket unit hopefully. These units, along with your Megatank, will recapture the central area. You should also build Md. Tanks/Neotanks when you can afford it.

The best way to deal with Jess’ Megatank is to use your Megatank as a lure and then bomb the hell out of it with your Artillery and Rocket(s). Finish it off with your Md. Tanks and Neotanks.

Neotanks are preferred due to their speed. Md. Tanks aren’t a bad replacement if you have a movement CO, however.

Strategy by DTaeKim.