WR3-21: Banker Hills

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 21: Banker Hills

Score achieved: 300 pts, 7 days
100-pt. time limit: 21 days
Player CO: This strategy works for most COs. Anybody with 100% to 110% attack for
recons should be able to follow this; COs with unusually weak or
strong recons may be forced to adjust some moves a bit.
Enemy CO(s): Hachi
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: Use missiles to skew the AI’s movement, and rush a loaded
APC to Hachi’s HQ. Get Power by destroying one infantry with weakened
recons and another with a swarm of infantry on Day 7.

Day 1:

Build two infantry.

Day 2:

Move south infantry onto HQ. Move other infantry onto mountain
northeast of HQ. Build APC from north base, infantry from south.

Day 3:

Move infantry on HQ one north or west. Move north infantry two
north onto road. Now both can launch missiles next day. Load final
infantry into APC. Move APC to plains one north and three east. Build
recon from north base.

Day 4:

Launch two missiles between Hachi’s two westernmost bases.
After launching, move the APC all the way north. Move recon to plains
five east of its starting location and build another recon from that
base. (This is to keep the AI from hitting both recons with its

Day 5:

Your APC should be able to reach the HQ now. Move west of it
and drop the infantry on it. Launch your two remaining missiles at the
newly-built tank. You should be able to hit the recon with those
missiles as well. Attack Hachi’s southernmost infantry from the west
with your recon. This will draw the tank’s attention. Move the other
recon six east of its starting point. Build two infantry.

Day 6:

If the recon that was attacked has 5 HP, you should be fine
with a bland CO no matter what. One of Hachi’s infantry should be
north of the neutral base in the middle, and the one you attacked on
the last turn should have moved two south of the recon that attacked
it. Attack it with the other recon from the south. Begin HQ capture.
Move the recon that the tank attacked as far northwest as you can.
Move both your missile-launching infantry two east, across the
mountains. Move the infantry on your north base one north. Move the
other one two north. Build one infantry and a recon, to draw the next
enemy missile.

Day 7:

You probably lost a recon, but you should have 10 units now.
You should have a 10, 7, and 4 HP infantry able to attack one of
Hachi’s; do so with all of them and you should destroy it. Destroy the
infantry you attacked last turn with whatever recon is strong enough
to defeat it – a 5 HP one will do for a CO with bland recons. You
should have a 6 HP one if Hachi attacked your weaker recon; if he
didn’t, hopefully the other one will have enough HP. Finish capturing
the HQ now.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.