WR3-22: Missile Plains

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 22: Missile Plains

Score achieved: 300 pts, 5 days
100-pt. time limit: 15 days
Player CO: Anyone
Enemy CO(s): Von Bolt
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: From the number of Neotanks Von Bolt has, you should know that this map has to be completed by HQ capture if you want a perfect score. Von Bolt has many Neotanks, but few properties. On the other hand, you have no predeployed units, but you have more properties and multiple silos at your disposal. Use them to weaken Von Bolt’s Neotanks and clear a path to his HQ. They will also come in handy to weaken units for your Power score.

Kanbei’s walkthrough is slightly different because of his higher deployment costs and higher defense. He cannot afford a Recon on Day 1, but he can use 1 extra silo compared to other COs. Also, his Infantry can take two damaged Infantry attacks while on a HQ, without losing any HP. He can only lose 3 units for Technique because he doesn’t have enough funds to build 37, but thanks to his defense, this won’t be a problem.

COs whose CO Powers require 2 stars can use them on Day 4. The only COs with 2 star COPs are Colin, Sasha, Sensei and Adder. These COs’ COPs are only meant for the attack boost. The other effects are either useless or unnecessary.

COs whose CO Powers require 3 stars can use them on Day 5 after destroying a few units. Kindle is a good choice because she can use her COP to weaken the units on Von Bolt’s bases so that they are easier to destroy for Power. Nevertheless, the 10% attack boost provided by any COP, regardless of other effects the COP has, will be helpful.

For full Power, you need to destroy 4 units in 1 day. Silos will help a lot.

For full Technique, you can lose up to 4 units. These will be sacrificial Infantries in the lower sections. You’ll build 4 Infantries there, but can lose as few as 3 through luck abuse and joining of damaged units. Grimm must lose 4 because of his lowered defense. If you do lose 4 units, you must build at least 37 units for full Technique.

The map is separated into 4 sections by pipelines. For this walkthrough, I will refer to the topmost section (where Von Bolt’s HQ and bases are) as Section 1. Section 2 is the section below it, and so on.

Do not hit your own units with silos. Also, every time you need to destroy a 1HP Neotank (especially with Infantries or Recons), you should save before attempting to do so, especially if your CO has bad luck or weak units.

Day 1:

– Build Infantry in the following bases:
Section 4: The three bases in a diagonal line (Not the east base).
Section 3: The east base.
Section 2: All three bases.
Section 1: The north and south bases.
– Build a Recon in the centre base in Section 1 (If Kanbei, ignore this as well as any further instructions regarding this Recon).

Day 2:

– Fire silos. (Do not fire the northmost silo in Section 1!) Target the following:
3x: The 3 Neotanks in the centre of Section 1. Each should be left with 1HP.
5x: The Neotanks in Section 2. Refer to the following diagram.
|_|2 _|_|_. . . . . .
|_|1|_|_|2|_. . . . .
. . . . . . . . . |_|
Each square refers to a Neotank. The numbers represent where you should fire the silos, and the number of times to do so.
The Neotanks should be left with 1HP each, except for 2 in the southeast (which will have 4HP each.)
In Section 1:
– Move the northern Infantry 3W.
– Move the Recon 1N 4W.
– Build an Infantry in the north base.
In Section 2:
– Build a Tank in the west base.
– Build an APC in the centre base.
– Build an Infantry in the east base.
– If you don’t want to abuse luck, or are Grimm: Build extra Infantries in the remaining empty bases in Section 1.)
– Save here.

Von Bolt Day 2:

– He should not destroy the Infantry in Section 4 closest to the pipe seam. Grimm cannot avoid this, though. Also, it is recommended that he starts capturing all 3 cities near his HQ, especially the one 3S 1W of his HQ. This will stop the 3HP Infantry occurrence on Day 4. For Kanbei, this is not recommended, but COMPULSORY. It will affect the placement of his Artillery if you are Kanbei.

Day 3:

– Fire silos. Target the following:
3x: 2W of the healthy Neotank in Section 1. The enemy Infantries will be caught in the blast.
In Section 4:
– Move the Infantry closest to the (broken) pipe seam 2S.
– Join the healthy Infantry to it.
In Section 3:
– Move the Infantry 2N 1W. This only applies to Kanbei.
In Section 2:
– Destroy the Neotank near the (broken) pipe seam with the Tank.
– Load the Infantry on the east base onto the APC.
– Move the APC 4N 2E. Drop the Infantry N.
– Move the eastmost Infantry 1S 1E.
– Start capturing the southern base with the Infantry.
– Build a Tank in the centre base and a Recon in the east.
In Section 1:
– Move the Infantry which didn’t have to fire a silo 3W. Do not attack the Neotank.
– Move the Recon 4W, just out of range of the 2HP Neotank.
– Use your remaining funds to build Infantry in Sections 1&2.
– Save here.

Von Bolt Day 3:

– He should not lose his Neotank if he attacks your Recon. Also, he should not block the silo in the centre of Section 2 from your Infantry. Usually, he joins his Neotanks instead of using them to block off the Infantry.
– For Kanbei, the Infantry in Section 3 must not be destroyed by the Neotank.

Day 4:

– Launch the silo in the centre of Section 2, targeting the 4HP Neotank and as many enemy units as you can. (For Kanbei: Fire 2 silos at the enemy Infantry and 5HP Neotank.)
In Section 1:
– Start capturing Von Bolt’s HQ.
– Move the APC and Recon to block the northern Infantry from attacking your capturing Infantry. I put the APC 1N 1E of Von Bolt’s HQ, and the Recon 1E of the HQ. Try to destroy 4 units. If you cannot, weaken them and wait until the next turn. (For Kanbei, ignore the all above except capturing the HQ. Instead, use all your units to form a wall to protect your Infantry. It should look like this:
Legend: AP = APC, IN = Infantry (capturing HQ), TK = Tank, RC = Recon
The units you should aim to destroy are:
The 2 1HP Neotanks. The eastern one can be destroyed by Infantry, while the southern one can be destroyed by a Tank. Use the damaged Tank if there is one.
The Infantries south of Von Bolt’s HQ. If the Artillery isn’t in the way, you can destroy both of them.
– If the Artillery is in the way, attack the Artillery instead. If its HP is 1 or 2, it won’t attack your capturing Infantry on Von Bolt’s turn. (Save before attempting if you have weak Tanks.)The Infantry you didn’t attack will attack your capturing Infantry, dealing no damage but destroying itself in the process. This suicidal Infantry will count for your Power score.
– If Von Bolt joined all his Infantries into a 3HP unit, you must destroy 4 units next turn instead. Use the silo to weaken this Infantry, but don’t attack it. Only attack the southern Neotank and the Artillery. Also, don’t place a unit on Von Bolt’s southeastern base. You’ll want him to build a unit there.
– If you’re getting the Power score next turn, build Tanks in the centre and east bases in Section 2. (For Kanbei, or if you lost 4 units: Build a Tank in the centre base, and a Recon in the east base in Section 2.)
– Finish capturing the base in Section 2.
– Use your remaining funds to build Infantries in Sections 1&2.

Von Bolt Day 4:

– (For Kanbei: He should attack your capturing Infantry with both of his. They will be destroyed by the counterattacks and your Infantry should take no damage.)

Day 5:

– If you’re getting the Power score this turn, you should aim to destroy these units (Choose 4 out of 5):
A 1HP Neotank. Your eastmost Infantry in Section 2 should be able to reach a silo. Fire the silo at the 3HP Neotank in Section 2, and finish it off with the Tank in the centre base.
There is another 1HP Neotank in Section 1. Use your damaged Tank.
The weakened Artillery. Use the weakened Recon.
The Infantry which attacked your Recon on Von Bolt’s turn. Return the favour with a Tank.
The unit that Von Bolt built on his southeastern base. Use 1 Tank/Recon from Section 2 and another from Section 1.
– (For Kanbei: Aim for the following units:
The 3HP Neotank in Section 2 (same moves as above).
The 1HP Neotank in Section 1. Use the Recon from Section 2.
The 6HP Infantry in Section 1. Use the other Recon.
The last unit is up to you. You have 2 Tanks to attack it with.)
– Build Infantry at all bases for Technique, or until you have no money.
– Finish capturing Von Bolt’s HQ.

Strategy by DxDyDzD.