WR3-25: Pipeline

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
War Room Guide

Map 25: Pipeline

Score achieved: 300 pts, 16+ days
100-pt. time limit: 25 days
Player CO: Anybody but Grit or Kanbei
Enemy CO(s): Jess
Skills: none
Mode: 2.5x EXP

Overview: Secure as many properties as soon as possible. Use your funds to build a Neotank army in the southwestern base, pushing into the area of Jess’ HQ. Break the pipeseam southeast of your starting position in order to reinforce the Infantry guarding your six properties. When Jess’ units are near your HQ, build high tech units to fend them off. Technique may be an issue thanks to Jess’ THREE comm. towers. Be forewarned and keep an eye on her CO bar.

If Grit is your CO of choice, you may want to build a Battleship first and then start with Neotanks.

If Kanbei is your CO of choice, you’re going to have a more difficult time. He will be slower overall thanks to those deployment costs, but the idea is the same. Secure as many properties as possible and use your funds to build Md. Tanks instead of Neotanks.

Jess is a great choice for this map. Adder and Koal are other good choices thanks to their movement powers.

Day 1:

– Build Infantry in both bases.

Day 2:

– Move both Infantry 3S.
– Build Infantry in both bases.
– Build Black Boat in eastern port.

Day 3:

– Load B Boat with eastern base Infantry. Move B Boat 4E 1S and drop Infantry east.
– Begin capturing neutral base and cities with remaining Infantry.
– Build Infantry in both bases.
– Build Black Boat in western port.

Day 4:

– Finish capturing neutral properties.
– Begin capturing neutral city with easternmost Infantry.
– Move eastern B Boat 4W 1N.
– Load eastern Infantry into B Boat.
– Load remaining Infantry into B Boat.
– Move B Boat 1E 6S.

Jess Day 4:

– It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the Recon moves east.

Day 5:

– Finish capturing neutral city.
– Load eastern Infantry into B Boat. Move B Boat 4E 1S and drop Infantry east and south.
– Load western Infantry into B Boat and move B Boat 7S and drop Infantry south.
– Move remaining Infantry 1S.
– Build Neotank in southern base.

Day 6:

– Begin capturing neutral cities and base with all available Infantry.
– Move loaded B Boat 3S and drop Infantry.
– Move Infantry 3N.
– If Recon attacked Infantry, destroy Infantry with Neotank. Otherwise, move Neotank 3S and attack pipeseam.

Day 7:

– Finish capturing all neutral properties.
– Begin capturing neutral port.
– Move southern Black Boat 1E 2N.
– Attack/Destroy pipeseam with Neotank.

Day 8:

– Save here.

Jess Day 8:

– It is recommended that Jess builds a Sub in the eastern port, if she builds one at all.

At this point, the table is set for Jess’ demise.

From the southwestern base, begin building Neotanks every turn. If you cannot afford one, build a Tank instead.

Finish capturing the properties on the southwest island. Use the port to refuel your Black Boat. Load the Black Boat with your Infantry and move it towards Jess’ HQ. Do not unload the Infantry until your Neotanks are nearby and in position to storm the area.

Use your Neotank to protect your six properties east of the HQ, but do not hesitate to retreat if Jess has too many forces in the area. Build a Black Boat or Lander when necessary.

Let Jess bring her units close to your HQ. Have some Md. Tanks or Neotanks ready to destroy the necessary amount of units for your power score.

Strategy by DTaeKim.