C05: New Allies

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 426 pts
150-pt. time limit: 6 days
100-pt. time limit: 12 days
Player CO: Brenner
Enemy CO(s): The Beast
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: For the veterans of the Advance Wars series, the suicide speed strategy makes its triumphant return. Rush the enemy HQ with the Bike while a Tank, Artillery, Recon, and Infantry are sacrificed for The Beast’s forces. The Mech must survive for the maximum score possible, which means it runs to the northwest corner.

The maximum score requires an insane amount of luck because The Beast must follow a specific sequence on day 2 in order to set up the power score.

If the reloads are getting to you, just destroy the northern Recon on day 2 to earn the S-rank. It’s considerably easier than getting the perfect storm of movement to happen on The Beast’s turn.

By allowing the Infantry to survive along with the Mech, the technique score can be increased to 126 pts. However, this requires that the Infantry survives along with the Mech. By keeping those two units as far from the action along with the use of defensive cover, you can buy enough time for your Bike to sneak in and finish the job.

Unfortunately, this does not change the amount of luck needed to make this guide work. On the other hand, you have a new score to show for your accomplishments.

Day 1:

– Move Infantry 2W 1S.
– Move Mech 1W.
– Move Bike 5E.
– Move Recon 2E 3N.
– Move Tank 4E 2N.
– Move Artillery 3E 2N.

The Beast Day 1:

– His northern Recon must move 1W of the northern neutral city.
– His remaining Recon must move 3S of the northern neutral city.

Day 2:

– If the above happens, save here.
– Move Infantry 2W.
– Move Bike 5E.
– Move Recon 3E 2N.
– Move Tank 2E.
– Move Artillery 2N 3E.

The Beast Day 2:

– First, The Beast must destroy your Artillery with two Tanks.
– Second, The Beast must attack your Infantry with his southern Recon.
– Third, The Beast must attack your Recon with his remaining Recon.
– Finally, The Beast must destroy your Recon with his remaining Tank.

Day 3:

– Move Bike 1E 2N.
– Move Tank 3S 1E.

The Beast Day 3:

– Three enemy Tanks must attack and destroy your Tank.
– Wounded enemy Recon must move towards your Infantry and Mech.

Day 4:

– Move Infantry 3N.
– Move Bike 4N 1E and begin capturing The Beast’s HQ.

Day 5:

– Destroy wounded Recon with Mech.
– Finish capturing The Beast’s HQ.

Strategy by swifty and ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.