C04: Moving On

No Fog of War

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 378 pts
150-pt. time limit: 1 day
100-pt. time limit: 3 days
Player CO: Lin
Enemy CO(s): The Beast
Special Condition(s): Fog of War

Overview: This mission introduces you to the Flare and Fog of War. The most difficult aspect of the perfect score is getting Team Bravo to survive Day 1. In order for this to happen, the Infantry must have 7 HP and must keep a good portion of that 7 HP intact. Again, if you have animations on, it makes it easier to keep track of things.

Day 1:

– Fire Flare 4N of its position.
– Move eastern Mech 1E.
– Move remaining Mech 1N 1E.
– Move Recon 5N.
– Move southern Infantry 3N.
– Save.
– Move northern Infantry 1S and attack enemy Mech from the north. In order to have the best chance of earning the maximum score, your Infantry must have 7 HP.
– Move Tank 1W 5N and destroy enemy Mech from the south.

The Beast Day 1:

– Your northern Infantry must not die in order to have perfect technique.
– His Recon must attack your Recon.
– His northern Bike must attack your Infantry.
– His remaining Bike must attack your Mech that is on road.

Day 2:

– If the above happened, save here.
– Move Tank 3N 1W and attack enemy Recon from the north. Enemy Recon must have 3 HP left.
– Move Recon 2E.
– Destroy northern enemy Bike with Artillery.
– Destroy enemy Recon with Mech.
– Destroy remaining enemy Bike with Flare.
– Move wounded Mech 2N.

The Beast Day 2:

– Enemy Recon must suicide on wounded Mech. Good game.

Strategy by Graphyte Ronin and ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.