C03: Freehaven

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 400 pts
150-pt. time limit: 2 days
100-pt. time limit: 5 days
Player CO: Brenner
Enemy CO(s): The Beast
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: This mission reinforces chokepoints in strategy and introduces the
concept of joining units. For the perfect score, we’re going to
take advantage of that concept.

One Tank will score all of the kills, allowing it veteran status.
This gives the unit the firepower needed to increase our power score,
while the Artillery destroys the rest of the units, giving it veteran
status and the power to destroy the last enemy Bike in one hit.

Unfortunately, increasing the power score means we will need saves
and reloads in order to score OHKOs on that 93% match-up.

Day 1:

– Move western Mech 2N and attack enemy Infantry from the west.
– Move western Tank 5N and destroy enemy Infantry from the south.
– Move remaining Mech 2N.
– Move remaining Tank 5N 1W.
– Move Artillery 4N 1E.

The Beast Day 1:

– He must attack your western Mech with his Infantry.

Day 2:

– Move eastern Tank 1W 3N and attack enemy Recon from the west.
– Destroy enemy Recon with Artillery.
– Destroy enemy Infantry with Tank from the south.
– Move western Mech 2E.
– Move remaining Mech 1N.

Day 3:

– Save here.
– Move southern Tank 1E 3N and DESTROY enemy Recon from the south. Reload if
this does not happen.
– Move remaining Tank 2N 2E and attack enemy Tank from the north.
– Destroy enemy Tank with Artillery.
– Move eastern Mech 1N 1E and attack enemy Artillery from the south.
– Move remaining Mech 1E.

Day 4:

– Destroy enemy Artillery with Artillery.
– Move eastern Mech 2W.
– Move remaining Mech 2N and join with wounded Mech.
– Move southern Tank 3E and destroy enemy Recon from the west.

Day 5:

– Destroy enemy eastern Bike with Artillery.
– Destroy enemy Bike with veteran Tank.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.