C02: A Single Life

Map Strategy

Maximum Score: 419 pts
150-pt. time limit: 2 days
100-pt. time limit: 5 days
Player CO: Brenner
Enemy CO(s): The Beast
Special Condition(s): None

Overview: This mission introduces you to terrain, Artillery, and the importance
of chokepoints. The perfect score requires a bit of luck to manage,
while the guide below details a straight-forward 400-pt guide.

Fortunately, this guide is one of the few that does not rely on saves
or reloads. However, the perfect score strategy requires that the
Infantry attacks your Tank, which is a rare event.

Day 1:

– Move Infantry 1S 1W.
– Move Tank 1E.
– Move Artillery 1E.

Day 2:

– Destroy enemy Recon with Artillery.
– Move Infantry 1S 1W.

Day 3:

– Destroy enemy Recon with Artillery.
– Move Infantry 1E and attack enemy Infantry from the south.

Day 4:

– Destroy enemy Infantry with Infantry from the south if available.
– Destroy enemy Tank with Artillery.

Day 5:

– Destroy enemy Bike with Artillery.

Strategy by ALAKTORN. Map image by Tsuruya.